Eye Lips Face Warm and Cool Palettes Review

Eye Lips Face Warm and Cool Palettes Review

If you’re following me on Instagram and/or my facebook fan page you’ll know that when I stumbled upon a Super Target a few days ago I thought I had died and gone to Cheapskate Heaven.

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Isn’t she pretty?
Needless to say, this store carried just about every single drugstore makeup line out there. Better still, everything was neatly organized and the ELF options were fantastic. Since I really do have just about every eyeshadow palette under the sun, I knew I should turn and run, but these pretty little things were only $5 each! Who could resist? Just WHO??
Eye Lips Face Warm and Cool Palettes Review
 Elf  “cool” palette
Eye Lips Face Warm and Cool Palettes Review
 Elf “warm” palette
Eye Lips Face Warm and Cool Palettes Review
Eye Lips Face Warm and Cool Palettes Review
As you can see above I went right into the warm palette and went HAM on a monochormatic “magenta” eye.
Eye Lips Face Warm and Cool Palettes Review
Eye Lips Face Warm and Cool Palettes Review
My thoughts? These palettes are GARBAGE! Yup, you read that correctly. Garbage. And you KNOW I likes it cheap, but c’mon elf! If Shany Cosmetics can put together a HIGHLY pigmented 40 color palette for about $12 bucks, why can’t you?
You have no idea the pains I went through to try to get the elf palette to work. As usual, I used my elf primer and topped it off with NYX’s jumbo eye pencil in milk (when applying bright shadows a creamy white base helps the shadows to pop especially against darker skin tones), but even that wasn’t enough. I had to PACK on this shadow, and by PACK I mean 8-10 dips back and forth from the pan to my eye, pan to my eye. And can you believe that despite these efforts the shadow refused to be applied evenly? Yup, I had to wipe off my right eye and start all over again. WHO has that kind of time? I gave up on trying to get the light pink shadow I placed in the inner corner to stay put. No amount of base, jumbo eye pencil, primer could get that mess to stick to my lid.  And the fallout? EVERYWHERE.
I guess I’ve been so spoiled by Shany Cosmetics, BH Cosmetics, and Coastal Scents that I assumed I’d be getting the same quality, but was I EVER wrong. Even Wet n’ Wild palettes, notorious for their propensity for fall out, put these elf shadows to shame.  If you’re looking for a relatively small palette with a ton of color choices for ANY season, grab the Shany Cosmetics Palette cited above. It has pretty much the same color options as these two palettes combined and rival high end shadows in terms of quality. Thank GOD Target has a great return policy so these suckers are going back. PRONTO.
Anyone else been disappointed by ELF palettes?
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  1. I only have 1 ELF palette.. it’s one of the Little Black Beauty Books. It’s just “okay”.. very average. Some colors work alright& some just suck. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever repurchase an ELF palette knowing that companies like Coastal Scents & Wet n Wild have much better quality eyeshadow with similarly awesome low prices!

  2. I tried ELF makeup for the first time a month or so ago (thanks to your suggestion)! It actually caught my eye, because it’s my initials. In love with the primer! Not so much the eyeshadow. I bought one (ended up getting ride of it, so I don’t remember what it was called); it had four colors, and the shade for your crease was so hard, you couldn’t get anything from it no matter how hard you brushed. The purple that was for your eyelid (on the contrary) was super soft, and difficult to apply. However, I have still been using the primer, and ELF bronzer ever since! As well as an array of ELF brushes. In the last couple of months, I have been spending more on fashion/makeup, but thanks to you, it really hasn’t broken my bank in the slightest!

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