Revlon Color Stay Foundation Review (Oily/Combo) Skin

I’ve heard and read so many great things about Revlon Color Stay Foundation that I felt I had to give it a whirl. I will admit that I was nervous, as I have oily and acne prone skin, but I jumped in.
You should probably know by now that I love love love my Bare Minerals Foundation, especially for everyday coverage. I have found, however, that it doesn’t quite have the lasting power I’m looking for. I mean, it stays on, but a few hours after application it tends to get a little spotty. And now that I’m filming more for  my youtube channel, I’m in the market for a a more full coverage foundation.
Revlon Color Stay Foundation in Rich Mohogany
  1. Great, full coverage, matte Foundation. I do have to allow this foundation to dry between layers, but overall, the coverage has been great.
  2. No need for a concealer with this foundation. I have tons of hyper-pigmentation from old acne, but this covered my dark spots really well. I just had to go in with a concealer brush to get those particularly tough dark spots, but I got it cover.
  3.  It photographs really well, better, I would say, than Bare Minerals. I think this foundation would be great for a wedding or any professional event.
Revlon Color Stay Foundation in Rich Mohogany
Revlon Color Stay Foundation in Mahogany

Revlon Color Stay Foundation in Rich Mohogany

  1. Messy. I’m accustomed to using a powder foundation, so this foundation was a little bit messier than I’d like.
  2. Drying between coats. Because it’s a liquid and you have to let it slightly dry between coats to build the coverage, so I felt that it took longer than I’d like to get the coverage I want.
  3. Acne. I do have acne prone skin, however, for the past 2 weeks since discovering a new device to help combat my acne (review coming soon) I haven’t had a single breakout, that is, until I started using Revlon Color Stay Foundation.  I didn’t have a major breakout, but I did develop three new pimples, one of which left me with a new dark spot :(.
  4. Check out my video review  with my details here:
All in all, I would not use this foundation daily. Since it did clog my pores, I think of it as more of a go out or filming foundation. I’ll stick to my bare minerals for my everyday foundation.
What’s your favorite drugstore foundation?


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  1. hey girl i use this too and i have to during the summer time! with this foundation make sure you get ALL of it off. it is hard to take off, if i don’t get it all off i break out. i thought it was the foundation but once i started making sure it was all off i didn’t break out as much anymore. my breakouts are due to stress/hormones.

    1. Hey Leslie! I use a battery operated face brush so i do get all of my makeup off, but i think my skin was just reacting to a new product, you know? i haven’t had any breakouts in almost two weeks so I’m back in business! lol.. Thanks so much for the tips, though i will pass it on to my viewers. xoxo

  2. I use this sometimes && I like it! I don’t get acne at all but I wouldn’t use it if I did. I have seen some horrible after effects in some friends that use it && do have acne prone skin. Other than that, I like it. I use milk of magnesia as my primer which definitely helps with oil control && one coat of revlon color stay (in mahogany). Love that I don’t have to use too much of the product to get full coverage. Thanks for your review! P.S. I would love if you did a youtube tutorial/review of using milk of Magnesia as a primer to bring more peoples attention to the amazing much more dimepiece-friendly primer!

  3. Hi Camille, I do have a blog post about how much I love milk of magnesia as a primer. I also talk about it one of my earlier videos :). I’m still not ready to show my bare face to the world just yet which is why i haven’t done the 5 minute makeup challenge or a full face routine. I’m gettng there, but not yet. Once I do, I’ll do a tutorial with milk of magnesia. Thanks so much for stopping by! xoxo

  4. I tried this foundation and I feel the same way. Everyone else seems to love it, but it just didn’t work for me! Thanks so much for sharing your honest review!

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