A Fab Collab: Tips for Expecting Moms


Tips for Expecting Moms

Now that I’m 33 weeks pregnant, I feel pretty confident sharing some of the tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way. Pregnancy ain’t cute, so why not share with you some quick tips to help you stay fab? To bring you even more preggo fabulousness, I’ve teamed up with fabulous preggo blogger Maria Antoinette from TheMariaAntoinette. Maria is expecting as well and has her own list of great tips for expecting moms. Subscribe to her youtube channel (and mine too while you’re at it) for her tips.

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K, ready? Leggo!

1. Stock up on maxi dresses and leggings. Comfortable fashion is the way to go. In case you need a reminder of what uncomfortable preggo fashion looks like, enter: Kim Kardashian

Not a good look.
2. Get a Belly Band. Perfect if you don’t want to spend tons on maternity pants, and instead want to rock your pre-preggo pants. For $16 bucks you can’t go wrong. I’ve been using mine since I was 20 weeks pregnant. Start using it whenever your pants get too tight. Click here for a live demo.
Buy here or at your local Target stores.
3.  Make your own cocoa butter. Will it work to prevent stretch marks? Who knows, but women all over swear by cocoa butter for all of its goodness, so why not make your own? Saves you tons of money and it’s all natural. Click here for a recipe, but DON’T forget to add beeswax to the recipe. It’s an emulsifier and without it this stuff is hard as a rock.
4.  Keep a small pouch of panty liners and cleansing wipes in your purse, bag, locker, desk, wherever you can access it when you are out and about. The further along you get the more “accident” prone you will become.  For added preparedness throw in an extra pair of underwear. Trust me, you won’t regret it!
5. If you do decide you want to purchase maternity wear (although I think it’s a waste of money), my top sites are oldnavy, asos, and zulilly. If you make an online purchase at asos or oldnavy make sure you shop through ebates to receive cash back.
Oh, and order this pillow,  this tea, this numbing cream, and this nipple cream. Amazon has the best prices. Read the reviews and you’ll know why I insist you get them!
For more tips be sure to watch me on youtube:
If you have additional tips n’ tricks share them below in the comments! I LIVE to hear from you all.

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  1. Enjoyed reading your tips, Lisa! I’m on baby #3 and it seems I learn something new with each one! Your tip #4 is a great one and might I add something you may want to continue doing after baby comes. I kept liners and wipes in my purse even when I wasn’t preggo because my muscles were still a little weaker post baby (even with kegels lol). And thanks to you, I will be heading over to Harris Teeter this afternoon to grab up the Yogi Raspberry Leaf Tea. I love that brand!

    I wish you the best and continued blessings through your pregnancy and beyond 🙂

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