Tips for Starting a Youtube Beauty Channel

Looking for tips on how to start a YouTube beauty channel? Look no further. While I’ve only been making youtube videos for a little over a year, I’ve learned quite a bit about dos and don’ts when it comes to making quality videos. I’m still learning myself, so please feel free to add additional tips and tricks in the comments section. Anyhoo,  let’s hop right into it, shall we?


  • Invest in a decent camera. I’m using an older model Canon Rebel DSLR camera. Super easy to use, and worth the money. I tried using the cameras priced in the 100-200 range and the quality was embarassing to say the least. If you want people to watch your vids, you gotta make em pretty. Just sayin’. Click here to view camera pricing and specs.
  • Study the vloggers you love and copy what they do. Not the video content, of course, but how they set up their vids, and maybe some editing tips and tricks. I’ve learned everything I know from watching other vloggers.
  • Sit in front of a natural light source like a window and film during the day.  Additional lighting is always great too, so go to Target, Walmart or Amazon and pick up a couple of floor lamps like this one:
  • Use compact fluorescent light bulbs like these:
  • Keep your background clutter free. Some girls go so far as to purchase backdrops or a green screen, but I keep it simple. If and when I actually make some income from my videos, I prefer to keep it simple and not invest too much of my own $$$ for extras plenty of top gurus don’t have. But if your background looks like so:
    it’s super distracting. Clean up. Then film.
  • Film what you like and what you are comfortable doing. I started out doing makeup tutorials, and after doing them for a while not only did I realize no one was watching, but also I didn’t have fun doing them! I was always worried about being out of frame, and often had to refilm the videos which was a pain! Editing the vids weren’t fun either. So if it’s not fun, DON’T DO IT! Your video view counts will tell you a lot. Pay attention to them.
  • Watch other videos and make friendly with other youtubers. Subscribe to their channels and comment on their vids. The more your channel name is seen the more people are likely to stop by and visit your channel.
  • Promote yourself. Set up a blog, twitter, facebook fan page, and instagram account. Be as visible as possible. Competetion is STIFF. If you aren’t making yourself be seen, you’ll never be seen.
  • Have confidence. Talk about what you know and stick to it. Don’t try to do what everyone else is doing. DO YOU!


  • Upload super long videos. Most people won’t watch them and if you’re not a youtube partner, youtube won’t allow it. Try to keep most of your videos under 10 minutes.
  • Ask other bloggers to sub for sub. It’s annoying! The best way to get someone to subscribe to your channel is by being a fan of their work. Like their vids. Comment on their vids. And make mention of your channel, letting that person know s/he has inspired you to create your own channel. I personally only subscribe to channels I like. And really, subscriptions don’t mean much. You want views. You want people to watch your content, so having someone subscribe and then never watching your videos is a big let down. TRUST ME.
  • Over do giveaways. In fact, I’m phasing them out. From here on out, I will do one a year, and that’s it. I find they don’t pay off, and people will subscribe only to win and then NEVER watch another video. You want true blue fans/followers/subbies. Giveaways aren’t the way to get to them. At least not anymore.
  • Be desperate. The opportunity for freebies will come. Frankly, I’m so busy with my personal life to even take on doing reviews for companies anymore. I do hair reviews, because it’s not a lot of extra work, but other than that I’m pretty lax about taking on jewelry or makeup reviews UNLESS the company is willing to sponsor a giveaway. If the company will sponsor a giveaway it will help in your brand recognition and you’ll get more out of the deal than a free bracelet or eyeshadow.
  • Try to be concise. Stay on topic.
  • Smile! I always forget this one! ha ha, and it shows!! Looking like a grump ain’t cute!

 What are your tips for new or current vloggers??? Share them here!


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