Best Hair Conditioner for Babies, Mommies, and…well…Everybody!

Best Hair Conditioner for Babies, Mommies, and Friends!

First, let me apologize for slacking with my blogging the last week or so, I’m behind in everything so don’t take it personally! I’ve got tons of reviews and fashion looks headed your way. Life just has a way of interfering, every now and again. Forgive me! Okay, now, onto what this post is about: The BEST Hair Conditioner for babies, mommies and just about anybody.

For the first 6 months of his life, I really didn’t use anything on Jackson Blaise’s hair. I mean, when you’re first learning how to be a mom it’s the furthest thing from your mind.

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But then it seemed like in a matter of days his hair went from this:


to this:


And  a little dab of coconut oil here and there wasn’t doing the trick anymore.

Enter: The Honest Company.

Founded by Jessica Alba, the Honest Company focuses on selling all natural and green products for the whole family. I signed up for a free trial back when Jackson Blaise was only a few  weeks old and I’ve been hooked. I love just about everything they sell, BUT the hair conditioner is by far my favorite product. I’ve never tried anything like it. Seriously.



Plant Based. Non-Toxic. Color-Sade. Biodegradable. PhBalanced. Heavenly.

Okay, so aside from the amazing ingredients, I certify the honest company conditioner as the best hair conditioner for babies and mommies alike for three major reasons:

1. It smells like a creamsicle (only one scent available, btw). Once it dries, I barely detect any scent at all (a major improvement over some other kiddie conditioners I’ve tried)

2. It gives your, I mean your baby’s hair incredible slip, shine, and manageability.

3. It’s pretty inexpensive, considering what you get. $9.99 isn’t so bad in the grand scheme of things. We all know we’ve spent more on Nexxus, Paul Mitchell, or whatever other silicone filled conditioners we find on the market. No shade, just saying!

I’ve found the Honest Company Products being sold at the following locations:

Target and Nordstroms (Free shipping, too)
You, can, of course, sign up for an amazing bundle deal and grab this conditioner along with the Honest Company Detangling mist, which by the way, is amazing as well.



Have you tried any products by the Honest Company? If so, share your favorites below. If not, what are your favorite hair products right now?

Here a few more product recommendations from the Honest Company:

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    1. Hi Annie. Yup. I find them in target, nordstroms, and buy buy baby! But at the time i wrote this post, they were harder to come by. Thanks for stopping by! xo

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