We are Onyx: July Box Review

We are Onyx: July Box Review

I posted a review of the July Onyx Box on my Youtube channel yesterday, but as usual I always try to bring some of that content here so those of you who don’t follow me on youtube can be in the know.  Blogging also gives me the opportunity to go into a bit more detail, as I often forget to mention certain things when filming. Needless to say, I don’t have a ton to say about this month’s Onyx Box. I was disappointed. Plain and simple.


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But before I continue, I’d like to go on the record and tell you that it actually pains me to not be pumped about July’s box. I love when there are companies that create products with an eye towards women of color. I also love it when the founder of said company is a woman of color. How could I not? But since I am a journalist, and fundamentally a truthful person, I am guided by one principle and one principle only: keeping it real.

So here’s what the makers of the “We are Onyx”  Beauty Subscription Box program promise:

For only $25 per month, receive 5 deluxe-size or full size hair, skin, makeup and lifestyle products from our favorite high-end brands from around the world. Every month we will curate 4 products and you get to select a 5th from a hand-picked selection of luxury beauty products.

And here’s what we got in this month’s box.

First: Soaps from Herban.Net.



Next: Luxuriant Cracked Heel Soapcracked-heel-soap

Followed by: Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Shea Butter Hand Cream 4.4oz we-are-onyx-box-review

And lastly: Samples of Creme of Nature Argan Oil Pudding Perfection Curl Enhancing Cream 11.5 oz  and the Creme of Nature 100% Pure Argan Oiljuly_onyx_box_review_online

All in all, I wasn’t over the moon with this box. The free samples included in this month’s box were perhaps what did me in the most. While I understand that the $25 goes towards more than what we get in the box, I do. I mean, the company has to cover their expenses AND make a profit. I get it, BUT as  consumer it’s not a good look to include items with the words “FREE SAMPLE” on the product. Why? because then it feels as though I paid $25 for 3 products, not the promised : 5 deluxe-size or full size hair, skin, makeup products.  The women who sign up for these boxes ALWAYS want to feel as though they are getting more for their money (even though, from a business standpoint that’s never the case.) We want to be able to say to our girlfriends, “Girl, look at all this I got for only $______”

Furthermore, this month, we were sent three soaps, a lotion, and some freebie hair samples, which didn’t feel is a good mix of products.  I would argue that most of the women trying this company are primarily looking for hair products, followed by a mix of skincare and makeup products.  So, sigh, July’s box wasn’t great. However, I did take a peak at August’s box on the We Are Onyx Facebook page and it looks like they’ve rebounded nicely. While I’ll be cancelling my subscription (not because of this box, but because I have too much of EVERYTHING), I would encourage those of you who are looking to try a few new products to try August’s box:



Ladies, what is your favorite beauty subscription program? I loved MyGlam, and Birchbox was a close second. Share your thoughts below!

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  1. I appreciate you keeping it real, Lisa! I have been tempted to try similar box deals, but have held off due to concerns about the quality of products that I will get. The August box does look much improved. Hopefully, you can get some use out of the items you received in the July box despite not being over the moon about them. The shea butter hand cream looks like a nice size bottom to carry in your handbag or clutch! I actually prefer hand creams to lotion because they tend to be moisturizing and longer lasting.


  2. How long was it before you received your box I signed up 8/22 and was charged immediately and charged again on 9/1 so I have spent $50 so far and have no products ?

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