How to Make Money on Youtube

How to Make Money on Youtube

How folks make money on youtube continues to be this big hush-hush thing. I’ll never get it, and frankly I won’t ever subscribe to keeping my fellow entrepreneurs in the dark. So how do you make money on youtube? Easy!


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1. Google Adsense.

Once your channel is verified, you can begin monetizing your videos. Meaning you have the option of having advertisements run during your video. If folks click on those ads you make money. Obviously. the more viewers you have the more clicks which then translates to more $$$.

On the back end of your channel, click edit video, and in this section you’ll see something like the photo below. Just enable your videos to be monetized and you’re good to start earning that ad money. Just know that google only pays you every $100 which could mean you have to wait a while before you get your first check.


2. Affiliate Linking

There are tons of affiliate networks you can apply to join such as Sharesale, Commission Junction, ShopSense, Rewardstyle, Amazon, and Rakuten. Here’s how it works:  Whenever I discuss or mention a product in a video, I place  the link to where my viwers can purchase said item in the description box. This link is usually an affiliated link so that I earn a commission if someone buys a product from that link.

3.  Sponsorships

Once you start making videos it’s likely you’ll start getting emails from companies requesting that you make a video on their behalf. Most of these companies will want to pay you in product, which is fine. But you have every right to instead ask for a flat fee for your video. I, for one, charge for videos, as I’m rarely presented with a product that is worth my time, effort, and the use of my equipment.  Some companies will contact you directly, offering to pay you to make a video. Otherwise, you can use websites like where you can apply for paid sponsorships. I know of  several fellow youtubers who routinely make money from famebit partnerships.

4. Influencer Networks.

Influencer networks are well known in the blogging community. And I love them. Companies hire these companies to  find vetted influencers for their campaigns. Influencers must first apply to join these networks. Then the influencers apply for brand campaigns, and then it’s all $$$$ if said influencer is chosen for the campaign. I JUST got booked for a campaign with Mode Media ( If you apply be sure to use me as a referral: Lisa Jean-Francois) , and they’ll be flying me out to LA for a week of filming. By the way, I am a small channel with just over 12,000 subscribers, but I was still chosen.  I know that Mode has campaigns for video content creators, but I can’t speak for all other influencer networks. Be sure to look into  BlogHer, Social Fabric, and Tapinfluence.

5. Your Own Product

There is this misconception about when folks can start earning an income from youtube videos.  People seem to think that once they hit a “magical number” of views and subscribers  the heavens will open up and all this magical money will start raining down. Not so. Even if you have 100 subscribers, that is PLENTY to start talking about your brand as a product. If you are an expert in a field, why not create an e-guide or e-book to help others to learn what you know? and then sell that e-book, e-guide, to your followers? Set up a mailing list for your subbies, ask them to sign up,  and email them every time you have a new product. Everyone is always looking for tips and tricks. Why can’t that be you? Youtube is a FREE platform. Use it your advantage.

For more tips and tricks be sure Apply for a complementary consultation with me. We can talk through your channel and, if you’d like, you can hire me for a channel review. No matter where you are in your blogging/youtube career you can certainly position yourself for success. To learn more about my services click HERE.

If you’re earning on youtube right now, be SURE to comment below with how you are making that income. There is room/money enough for everyone!

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  1. I really enjoyed your video on how to make money on YouTube…would love to learn more since I am new to the own your business world…Thank you.

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