Dark Skinned Woman in Colorful Makeup

These pictures are so dope I just had to reshare! Thes images are taken from the editorial entitled  Overly Saturated by photographer Rachel Marques featuring model, Janica. SO SO beautiful.

dark-skin-makeup dark-skin-makeup dark-skin-makeup dark-skin-makeup tumblr_num4g8a2OG1r8t1t8o5_500

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These images were taken from a post featured on Black With Girl Long Hair.

What do you all think of these pictures?

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  1. As a dark skinned woman, I thought the pictures were awesone. Everything posted is not about our conplexion. Some things are just make-up, just art, just cosmetics. We do more to separate ourselves sonetimes than anyone else. It a light-skinned woman wore this it would be just as awesome.

    1. I’m sorry you feel that way! I love when we celebrate dark skin, as it is not celebrated nearly enough. I don’t believe that by celebrating a difference we are somehow insulting or separating ourselves from our light=skinned sisters. The fact remains that bright colors DO play out differently on dark skin and to say so is not only truthful, but it’s also beautiful. I think you should loudly and proudly celebrate your beauty without overconcerning yourself with how it’s perceived by others. You are dark-skinned and you are beautiful. Far too many of us (myself included) spent our entire childhoods feeling ashamed and embarrassed because no one celebrated our beauty. I think it’s a breath of fresh air that we are beginning to move beyond that and see equal representation of our beauty in the media. If you want to live in some faux “color-blind” eutopia that’s your business. I, on the other hand, will continue to celebrate and praise my fellow dark-skinned beauties with or without your approval.

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