8 Self-Care Tips for Entrepreneurs| Why Taking Care of Yourself is Your First Order of Business

8 Self-Care Tips for Entrepreneurs

When I launched my brand coaching business at the end of the summer, I didn’t know what to expect. I had a sense, but not a complete picture. I knew I’d have to work hard, and that some days I’d want to quit, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the kind of mental exercises I’d have to undergo in order to prosper on this journey.

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1. Hire a coach or find a mentor. If you’ve decided to embark on this journey, I highly recommend having a mentor or a coach to guide you through the various stages of entrepreneurism. This coach or mentor will not only show you the ropes, but will act as the kick in the pants you need when the moments of self-doubt creep in.

2. Have an accountability partner. Yes, in addition to your coach or mentor you’ll need someone to bounce ideas off of, and to hold you accountable to the goals you’ve set. There are tons of facebook groups for entrepreneurs, I even run one you can join HERE. Joining these groups will allow you to network and find accountability partners.  Your accountability partner should be someone who may be a step or two further than you in your journey. Your partner may also have some skills that you don’t have.


3. Barter. Yes, barter. In the beginning it is very likely that you will be working with a limited budget, so bartering services will be the key towards helping you keep your expenses at a minimum. For example, when I first began, I offered some complimentary consulting services for someone who in turn provided some graphic support and managed my facebook fan page for a few months.

4. Network. Attend conferences for entrepreneurs. If conferences aren’t in your budget search for meetup groups in your city. You never know who you’ll meet and/or how they’ll be able to help you in your business.


5. Know your limits. While the internet is chalk full of free resources, it’s important not to get so consumed by the hype. Do what you can with the resources you have and take one step forward everyday. Not fifteen step. One. Also, set realistic goals. Begin each day with a task list and check things off one by one. Some people thrive when they set big audacious goals. I think they are a recipe for disaster. Small daily goals are more attainable.

6. Don’t compare. If I had a nickel for every time I saw an entrepreneur post about their 50k launch, or their 10k week I’d be rich. I honestly don’t know what’s true, and therefore I do not compare myself or my journey to anyone else’s. I stay on task and do what I can. You should do the same. Comparison is the greatest thief of joy. So on the days where you may find yourself comparing yourself to someone else in your industry, take a break and do something that you love to do.

7. Breathe. Figuratively and literally. Limit yourself to working 5 days a week, and during that work day make sure you give yourself one hour a day to decompress. I unapologetically take one-hour lunch breaks.


8. Mother yourself. Morale is going to get low, and it may get low often. Those are the times when you will need to put on your big-girl panties and declare your affirmations. Give yourself a hug. Tell yourself that everything will be fine. Tell yourself that you are proud of yourself. No one is giving out bonuses or rewards when you work for yourself. Go for walk and buy yourself an ice cream cone on the slow/maddening days.

At the end of the day, self-care is, for me, the most important and often most overlooked component to entrepreneurism. There is nothing to be gained by not sleeping, not working out, or not eating properly. Take care of yourself first, and the rest will happen. It may not happen overnight, but it will happen. Stay the course and focus on the end goal.


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  1. I agree that you should have an accountability partner. It makes it a whole lot easier to accomplish your entrepreneurial goals. It also helps you to be better at organizing your time.

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