Beauty Guru, Jeffree Star, Issues an Apology For Saying “Black Bitch” In 10 Year-Old-Myspace Skit

I’ve been a big time fan of Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks. The formula is one of my favorites on the market. I’ve watched his cosmetics company skyrocket over the last year, and I really was cheering him on from the sidelines. However, after  watching his rant against fellow Youtuber MakeupShayla and subsequently writing about it (click HERE), I had a change of heart about supporting any of his products.

Here’s a snippet of his rant against Shayla:

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After seeing the video above, I did some digging and found a video wherein he uses the phrase “Black Bitch” on more than one occasion. This was supposed to be a skit, and he was young (he says he was 19), but it’s one of those things I can’t “unhear,” and it completely changed my opinion of him. He’s just not someone I would want to support. Not when there are so many black-owned cosmetics companies to support instead (Click HERE for a list of black-owned cosmetics companies)

Last night, however, Star, for the first time in years, publicly acknowledged the video in a series of apologetic tweets:


jeffree-star-racist-apology jeffree-star-racist-apology

I do appreciate Star’s apology, but I still won’t be supporting his brand. What are your thoughts?

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  1. He’s trash and he only apologized because it he saw that it was starting to affect his brand (and by extension, his bottom line). He’s a POS racist even now, today – as is clearly evident in his video rant against Makeup by Shayla, and it took him more than TEN YEARS to apologize. Nope, you can miss me with everything concerning Jeffree Star. Once again,he is pure trash.

    1. Jeffree aplogized a long time ago on his myspace, you can find it when you google it. That was a really long time before his brand. I get what he did was still shit, but I’m just saying it didn’t take him years to acknowledge it.

  2. just found this post and still not supporting him even though his lip product is truly my favorite formula. there’s another video of him needlessly yelling the N word at people on the street, though they are not all POC, but I don’t want to support that. further more his apology is worthless, in the end he just digs his heels in and says I won’t let this take me down on change who I am, so I don’t believe him.

  3. This is the least of his racist comments. He has made at least 5 more that I can remember seeing screen shots & videos of. It is a consistent pattern of behavior for him. If he has been recorded using racial slurs this many times, imagine what he says in private. He has used the n word so many times. The worst imo is a video of him walking down the street shouting the n word & “ape” at black strangers unprovoked, & slurs at Hispanics as well. It is sad to see so many people still supporting him. In YT videos they say “he does not represent his products” lol. How does he not represent the products he creates & has his name on? By that logic they’d support & promote makeup brands by Isis, the KKK & Jared the Subway pedophile.

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