Mo’Nique Says “Open Relationship” Was Her Idea, And I have One Question

Do we care? No really, do we care?

Actress Mo’Nique and her husband, Sidney Hicks, have been in a happy open marriage for years.  And Mo says it was her idea. According to Mo’nique, 10 or so years ago she was on the road she felt it was important to tell, “the man [she] would spend the rest of her life with,” that she wanted to be with other men.

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To which her husband responded, “I’ve loved you since the 10th grade, do you really think you being with another man would have anything to do with me.”


Monique wanted to make it clear to people that she wasn’t some fat lonely girl who did it to keep a man, but that she was the person who initiated the conversation.

While her husband may not have had any questions about the arrangement, I do have one and only one:

Do we care?

No, but for real. Polyamory ain’t new. Plenty of folks do it. No, we don’t hear a lot of people talking about it, but once again, I find myself wondering why I am being taken into someone’s marital bed. Celebrity ego will never cease to amaze me. I understand that publicity for celebrities is a good thing, but do we have to publicize everything? What’s the goal here? Cuz we’ve been hearing about their open relationship FOREVER.

Seriously, I would much prefer it if Mo’Nique used her polyamorous relationship to talk more openly about feminism and a woman’s right to choose her own path, however she sees fit. Her stance, however, seems to be more about defending this relationship and shutting down the naysayers. Chile, who has that time? Who?

Watch this video fore more:

Do you care? Sound off below!

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  1. Yes who cares and why does she feel the need to broadcast it.ok so she wants everyone to know she’s not some fat girl whose lonely is what she says then there’s another underlying reason that she even has to tell everyone that.why does she need the public’s opinion to do what ever it is that works for her and her Husband ..Who the hell cares mo mo who no one but you

  2. I don’t see it as her saying she wasn’t a fat lonely woman. I think it’s great that even before she married him that had a friendship strong that she could talk to him without being afraid. Everyone’s idea of a open relationship isn’t the same. For all my relationships have been open(what I mean by that is I feel comfortable enough with mate, friends, parents, siblings & other family members to open and honest). Not saying it’s always easy but true bonds that are made far out weigh the hard times.

    1. I was just paraphrasing from what she said in that video clip, but yeah, i honestly don’t care about their open relationship. That was my whole point. I just want to know why we need to know.

  3. With now 77% of ALL marriages ending in DIVORCE & 95% of ALL divorces due to INFIDELITY, I think it’s of paramount importance that Mo’Nique & Sidney (personal friends, by the way) use their celebrity to SAVE FAMILIES & MARRIAGES from the devastation of divorce, by getting couples the world over to get HONEST with each other, HONOR their marriage & HUMBLE themselves to ascertain that ‘sex is NOT a deal breaker’… thereby removing INFIDELITY off of the matrimonial menu!

    At the end of the day, ALL people are POLYAMOROUS… they just usually fail to tell their spouse about it! They’d rather honor the age old tradition of lying, creeping, sneaking & cheating! SMH!

    Western Judeo-Christian marriage is an outdated, antiquated & dilapidated ‘institution’; but who the hell wants to be ‘INSTITUTIONALIZED’!

    EVERY (so called) holy book (Bible, Torah, Quran) ALL have POLYAMOROUS relationships in them; which is why we call it ‘the old new way to love’!

    So that’s why I CARE… WE CARE… & YOU SHOULD CARE…! Only 2 things break up any marriage, SEX & MONEY… so if we can remove just 1 of the 2 things from the equation, just think of how many millions of families per year would NOT have to be broken, splintered & torn apart because one or both partners got caught out there lying, creeping, sneaking & cheating!?

  4. People simply don’t understand marriage it is Covent between two people.. Those other people did not stand up in front of family and friends and said “I do” I think people of the world have their own moral and standards and for a preacher to say he had an open realationship but his ex wife didn’t know . . Saying he cheated That just wrong! Well people must know that there will be a judgement day. So sad!!!☹️

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