Racist Beauty Guru Jeffree Star vs. Kat Von D: Who is the Real MVP?

Jeffree Star can’t seem to keep his name out the blogs and I’m not sure it’s a good look for his brand. Before we head into the Kat Von D vs. Jeffree Star drama, let’s catch you up on the Beauty guru everyone loves to hate.

Star is a MUA and musician turned beauty guru. His liquid lipsticks are amongst my favs.  However, I swore off ever purchasing from the brand after seeing an old video ( it’s from MySpace and is about 10 years old) wherein he says “black b*tch” and talks about setting a girl on fire to lighten her skin. It’s a skit and it is supposed to be funny, but whatever, it wasn’t cool.  You can watch the video by clicking HERE. Then, a few months ago, he got into a huge spat with MakeupShayla and proceeded to threaten to beat her and call her a c*nt and more. You can read all about that beef by clicking HERE.

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One of my Youtube Subscribers just shared this video with me. It’s pretty upsetting so beware. Click HERE to watch.

Fast forward to last night and this morning when fellow MUA and Cosmetics Mogul, Kat Von D, issued this statement via her IG:


Then she published this video few hours ago:


Jeffree Star published his own version of events in this video:


Here’s what I get out of all of this

KVD has known Star for years. She knows who is he and always has. Recently, however, he’s become a bit of a diva and his online behavior is making her uncomfortable. I believe that. But what really set her off was the fact that he didn’t pay this designer and blocked her when she tried to call him on it. That’s what all this is about it. I’ve seen JS smoking weed on camera. Do I like it? Nope, but you know what? It’s not the worst thing in the world. It’s not like he’s shooting up heroin.

That being said, I’m not buying that the weed smoking or online bullying weighed that heavily on KVD. If memory serves me correctly, she’s also come under fire for wearing a Nazi costume many years ago. The impetus for distancing herself from Star is really about money and paying this designer. Also, it feels like there is a bit of ego involved. She mentions she doesn’t need credit, but she goes on to point out that she was instrumental in developing his brand.

I say all this to say that this is a personal beef. One that doesn’t have anything to do with the truly effed up way JS is behaving on social media. She should have cut ties THE MINUTE the Shayla video surfaced. She didn’t mention any of that or his  “black b” video. I don’t know if KVD has ever discussed her own shady past or apologized about wearing the Nazi costume ( still don’t know if it’s even true,) but KVD cutting off JS doesn’t win her any cool points from me. If she had come out and spoken directly to some of the way he’s treated his viewers/customers and the way in which he treated Shayla, I would have been like, “YASSS.” But really, it’s almost 100% about her and her newly vegan stance and JS not paying this designer.

Here are my thoughts

What say you, folks? Sound off below!

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