Today Show Beauty Expert, Deepica Mutyala, Issues a New Video Apology With Her Black Friends

At this point we’ve all heard about the Today Show’s Beauty Expert, Deepica Mutyala’s failed attempt at styling natural hair in under a minute.  If this is news to you read about it by Clicking HERE or watching my video recap HERE:

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Last night, Deepica chose to respond to all of the negative feedback by posting this video, featuring several black youtube beauty gurus:

My Thoughts

I’m giving Deepica an “A for effort” on this one. Unlike the Today Show, Deepica has spent the last week trying to figure out a way to fix this and she did the work. But, as you know by now, I have got to keep 100% with you guys, so it here goes: this feels a little gimmicky. The mention of “Carol’s Daughter” and referring to these girls as her “friends,” is like…c’mon girl. Quit it! I honestly like Deepica. I feel like we would be friends. But do I feel as though when she’s on TV or Youtube it’s a gigantic performance? Y-E-S. Do I also feel as though she has a way of trying to get over on us (the viewers)? Y-E-S. Case and point: She refers to herself as a beauty expert. I ask: Show me the receipts. Last week she told viewers that the three styles she was showcasing on the Today Show are what’s in trend, and yet I have not seen her sporting any of the styles on her Instagram Profile. So again I ask: Show me the receipts. In this video, she calls these girls her friends. And I’m like…you were asked to style a black woman’s natural hair on national TV and you didn’t consult not a one of your homegirls before going air? But y’all are friends?! How, sway? How? Show me the receipts.

I know I’m being petty and picky, but I just can’t get with people insulting my intelligence. I know what’s right in front of my face. Don’t feed me shit and tell me it’s ice cream. I wish Deepica all the success in the world. She won MAJOR points by putting in the work to put out this video. I also want to see her on TV again because she’s got talent for the screen. She just needs to stay in her lane. I can’t her tell her what that lane is, of course, but it probably doesn’t involve styling hair that isn’t her own.

What are your thoughts?


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  1. In her defense, she really didn’t do any of the ladies on that segment any favors. I mean I don’t kn9 anybody sporting those styles. Black, White, purple, or green! Just saying.

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