Countess Vaughn’s Video “Do You Love Him?” Has The Entire Internet Puzzled

I’ve always liked Countess Vaughn, so I was pretty excited to see her latest project. Unfortunately, she left it up to Lisa Wu to direct her video, “Do You Love Him?,” and folks were none too impressed.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 8.44.54 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 8.44.05 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 8.45.04 PM

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Wu’s response to critics?

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 8.38.46 PM

Wu Also released an edited version of the video, which, truthfully, isn’t much better than the original.

Frankly. the audio engineer who butchered Vaughn’s vocals also has some ‘splainin to do.  The biggest issue with this video isn’t even the quality of the footage or Vaughn’s voice (though both are pretty bad), it’s that we can’t follow the story the video is attempting to tell.  There are instances where Vaughn is speaking to a woman who comes to  her door, and Vaugh’s exchange with this woman is entirely in slow motion. I think we’re supposed to be able to read her lips, but we can’t.

Actually, I shouldn’t even try to explain. Just watch for yourself:

The Edited Version:

Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Lord this is a real mess! Song doesn’t sound mixed nor mastered. Why would let a novice (Lisa Wu) direct your video. Did she ever direct a video on her life? I’d say get another music producer and definitely another video director and do yourself justice.

  2. Fire EVERYBODY involved. Including yourself. Ms. Vaughn. Oh yall I get it. Vaugh lost a bet and this it what she had to do cause she lost…Yeah thats what had happened.

  3. People need to be more positive and show some support.yes,the video could be alot better but the song is good and I do get the message.This could be a hit..she just needs a better team to put it together cause gurantee if this was by Beyonce people would love it but because it countess people have mad shit to say.Never listen to the haters..go after what you want…

  4. Both versions were equally horrible. Lisa Wu needs to stop……let’s see what you can with no budget ? If you knew that there was no budget and that you couldn’t deliver, then you should not have taken the project on. Countess’ acting was equally as horrible. This entire video is a hot mess !!

  5. She does have a good voice, she needs to surround herself with a positive team (manager, production, stylist, voice coach, etc). If she really concentrates she can do it.

  6. The beat sound like it could be good and the lyrics. However you let a no talented person direct and edit and this is what you get. COUNTESS HAS A GREAT VOICE BUT SHE SOUNDS LIKE SHE JUST CAME OFF OF A WEEK OF BINGE DRINKING AND A CARTON OF CIGARETTES. I THINK SHE SHOULD FIND SOMEONE MYCH BETTER TO WORK WITH HER. Lisa Eh can’t direct anything not ever her own life. Everything she touch goes to SHIT. MARRIAGES, TV SHOWS, CUSTODY OF HER KIDS, AND NOW MUSIC VIDEOS.

  7. I understand that due to her thyroids her voice is now permanently raspy, but the video was terrible and she should’ve took some vocal lessons to adjust to her raspiness if she wanted to continue to sing. Video is bad and song is bad

  8. This was HORRIBLE!!! I blame errrrrybody – Countess – Baby … the voice is just gone (stop .. just sing to yourself for yourself), Lisa – BAAAAAABY – you are so wrong for this video (you could have done some talking soundbites instead of this slow mo and then just maybe the video would have made since), Song producer – Da hell wrong with you … Countess sound a mess and you should have told her so instead pumping her up like she sound half way good, and MIKA – I love you girl but why did you agree to be in this video …. girrrrrrrllll do better.

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