This is What it Feels like to be Black: Leslie Jones Website is Hacked

I stand with Leslie.

I chose not to write about the Leslie Jones Hack yesterday because frankly I found the injustice almost too much to bear. However, as a black woman who bears the exact same features for which Leslie is being targeted, I feel obligated to not only share this story, but to also share how it affects me personally.

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Yesterday, a hacker took over Jones’s  website and iPhone, and posted nude photos of the actress, as well her passport, license and other identification. The hacker also replaced Jones’ picture with a photo of the slain gorilla, Harambe. The attack comes just weeks after Leslie revealed the constant racism to which she is subjected on twitter. She was also vocal about not finding designers who would give her a gown to wear to the premier of GhostBusters.


Now this.

Let me also say that Leslie’s comedy is not my favorite. I’ve often felt that she makes fun of her own blackness to get the “White laugh,” if that makes sense. I’ve never been a fan. But I respect her talent. I respect her as fellow dark skin black woman who is simply trying to survive in a world where people who look like us struggle to be seen as human beings, as equals.


I’ve spoken openly about the fact that entrepreneurism isn’t something I chose to pursue. It chose me. After years of trying to understand why someone with my work ethic and education couldn’t seem to hack it working for “the man,” I decided to chart my own destiny. Which is cool, and exciting, and scary. But I’ve never forgotten what it’s taken to get here. It’s also difficult to explain to people what racism looks like in the work place. No one’s going to call you the N word to your face, but you might notice that folks who look like you never hold positions of management unless they “Uncle Tom” it, presenting themselves as subservient or less capable, or even less competent than they truly are.  Think of Samuel L. Jackson’s role in Django. During one interview at Harvard Business School, the professor who was to make the call about hiring me looked at me with a smirk on his face, and said, “Well, you seem very confident, don’t you?” I knew then I wasn’t getting the job, and that a white woman would. And she did.


Colorism also exists, with dark skinned women finding it even more difficult to rise beyond menial positions. Some of us are adept at fooling our white supervisors into being at ease enough with us so that they feel comfortable promoting us to the positions we deserve. But those instances are rare. If  you are Black person who is not capable of mastering the skill of disarming white folks, you’re doomed in the work place.

But what’s all this got to do with Leslie Jone’s website being hacked? I guess it just feels like another example of how when we think we’re making progress and that we are accepted, we never really are. It feels like another weight. It feels Black. And I’m just not sure how much more of this we can stomach.

Usually I try to end these posts with something positive, but it’s just how I’m feeling today. Feel free to share your own thoughts, feelings, experiences below!

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  1. If she was beautiful in their eyes the vitriol would be lesser. Where are the co-stars. Where’s Melissa McCarthy? Why are they not publicly speaking out. Melissa speaks out about weight but not racial discrimination? Disgusted. Silent slime from Ghostbusters cast. Ugh.

  2. But women like Lupita don’t have that same struggle even though she is just as dark skinned. In fact quite the opposite in her case. I think it’s really more about facial features and body type than skin tone in some cases….not all but some.

    1. just because Lupita doesn’t speak about it doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened to her. Last year she was called all kinds of names after she was placed on the cover of a Latina magazine, despite the fact that she was born in Mexico, speaks fluent Spanish, and finished her secondary schooling there.

  3. I know why we are being attached as a nation of a black race , ” Neanderthal gene !” Google it and
    Explains why

  4. It Will be both a joyous and sad day when.all mankind return back to their creator.There will be no racism in Heaven

  5. I am so sorry that Leslie Jones is being subjected to this. I hope and pray that she knows that there are people who care for her, who support her and who are angry that she is being targeted. I saw on a show today that Homeland Security and the FBI are involved and I do hope that people who are responsible for this are apprehended. In the meantime, Leslie Jones, Let your star continue to shine and know that there are people who are totally in support of you.

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