How to Exude Confidence Even When You Don’t Feel Particularly Confident

 Every year both during and after New York Fashion Week I find myself scrolling the internet for pictures of what people wore both on and off the runway. While Fashion Week takes place in various cities all over the world, there’s just something about NYFW that inspires me the most. Maybe it’s because I lived in New York City for so long, or maybe it’s because there is something distinct about the fashion and the people in New York City.

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Whatever the reason, this year, as I scrolled through picture after picture two things stood out to me the most:

  1. Glasses. Sunglasses in particular. Sunglasses have a way of completely transforming a look and taking it from classic to edgy with barely any effort at all.  Take a look:


  2.  Confidence.  I know it sounds like a huge leap to go from sunglasses to confidence, but hear me out. While looking at the pictures of these women in their fabulous shades, it occurred to me how I was instantly drawn to them. And it wasn’t just what they were wearing, either.  I was more so attracted to the confidence they exuded without even saying a word.   I was so impressed by these ladies that I committed myself to doing a photoshoot rocking my FlashFrames sunglasses to see if I, too, could recreate the mysticism and confidence that seems to pervade the streets of New York City. how-to-take-charge-of-your-life4-copyhow-to-take-charge-of-your-life2-copy

FlashFrames, by the way, makes it easy to do so.  FlashFrames is an online shop where you can upload a picture of a pair of sunglasses you like and the site will instantly provide you with authentic designer or designer-inspired alternatives with prices starting at $9.99 a pair.  I spotted a pair of aviators I wanted so I uploaded the pic and snagged this pair . It was super easy.flashframes_infographicAnd they look pretty great on me if I do say so myself.

I honestly believe that confidence or simply giving off an air of confidence has the ability to shape the world around you.  When I take pictures without sunglasses I’m more aware of the camera and therefore more vulnerable and shy. But when I throw on these shades I feel more free to to move about and stare boldly at my photographer. What’s more, I find myself behaving the same way even when the camera is off.
What’s even more interesting to note is the way in which people respond to you when they perceive you to be a confident person. While getting to the root of why you don’t feel confident is paramount, sometimes you have to fake it until you make it. In other words, by simply “giving off” confidence it works to actually boost your confidence.
When you carry yourself as someone who is worth knowing, people will respond to you in kind, thereby creating an energy of positive attraction. You’ll be a happier person, thereby attracting goodness into your world.

What’s one thing you do to help boost your confidence when you aren’t feeling particularly confident? My vote is throw on a pair of shades and fake it. What’s yours?

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  1. I’m pretty sure you nailed the mysticism and confidence by rocking those shades. By the way, the sunglasses are perfect on you. I also agree that there is something to be said about faking it until you make it. No doubt.

  2. Every time I need it, a pair of heels gives me EVERYTHING. Especially now that it’s fall and I can pull out my sexy boots?! Oh yes. My stride gets longer, my hips sway more, my posture gets better, and the world is my runway when I’m wearing a pair of heeled shoes that I love.

  3. I love this post!! First because I’m OBSESSED with sunglasses so I agree with everything you stated! They just take my confidence to another level!!! Also I am so interested in Flash Frames I think that concept is so cool!!! I will definitely be checking them out now!!! Thanks for sharing and for continuing to inspire!!! Xoxo

  4. Great post Lisa! Those sunglasses look amazing on you. When it comes to boosting my confidence, I try to put on a fly outfit and make sure my makeup is on point. That always gives me a little boost.

  5. You hit it right on the nail with this post Lisa! I’ve always been drawn to rock shades while shooting and it’s honestly because I feel so vulnerable without them (like you pointed out). A good pair of shades can bring out the best in anyone!

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