Serena Williams is PURE STRENGTH In The Fader Magazine

Serena William’s is featured in this month’s The Fader magazine and the images are only a fraction of what’s in store.


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Williams is the epitome of poise and strength, as we know, but her interview in Fader takes us beyond the tennis courts and into what it takes to become The Greatest Of All Time.

I think that my story is universal. I don’t think it’s limited to my country, I don’t think it’s limited to my color, I don’t think it’s limited to my sex. I think it’s universal because I was not born with anything more special than anyone else. I wasn’t born with an extra arm. I wasn’t born super tall. I’m here — a lot of hard work, a lot of dedication, a lot of commitment. And I’ve had a lot of people that didn’t believe in me, so I had to develop a lot of self-belief. At the end of the day, I think it’s a story that everyone in all walks of life can relate to.                  -Serena Williams

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serena-williams-fader serena-williams-fader serena-williams-fader serena-williams-fader

Read the full story HERE.


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  1. When I look at these pictures I see that all natural, no touch ups and I can appreciate the authenticity of each one. It shows me that Serena is comfortable with who she is and what it took to get where she is NOW. And that’s at the top of her game despite all the racist remarks the naysayers and of course the haters who said she couldn’t dominate the game by being who she is and not conforming to who they wanted her to be. Listen, I’m a fan for life and to be honest I wasn’t even a fan of tennis until I saw her as a kid looking like. I did when I was a kid. That’s with the braids and beads. I said ” wow that could’ve been me or any other little black girl from the hood”. You see, right then I could relate. Relate to the hood, being dark skinned, wearing headed braids and a parent who said I could and I will. Hats off to her dad for believing that he had created the best to be THE BEST.

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