How I Knew It Was Time to Leave My Fulltime Job To Work For Myself

How I Knew It Was Time to Leave My Full-time Job To Work For Myself

Every time I sit down to write this post I find myself deleting it. While I know how and why I came to leave Corporate America, it’s hard for me to advise any one else to do the same.

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And here’s why: I honestly feel as though I didn’t have much of a hand in the decision to quit working for The Man. In fact, there are times when I entertain the idea of going back and giving it another go. Why? Because working for yourself is HARD. Not knowing when my next check will come in is HARD. Not being able to have nice things and go on vacations is HARD. Building a brand from the ground up without the financial resources to do so is HARD. But I’m doing it, and some people find the fact that I continue to move forward despite these obstacles inspirational. I just think I’m insane.

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Inspirational and/or insane, I’m here and it’s a testament to perseverance, and the willingness to believe when there really isn’t anything tangible telling me to continue to believe. I have absolutely no reason to believe that building my brand will result in my ability to truly live out my dreams, and yet and still I continue to do it. Yet and still, I believe.

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How I got here and what ultimately forced me to leave full-time employment is pretty straight-forward. I know now, and have always known my value. Therefore, when I found myself constantly in positions where neither my supervisors nor my salary  quite measured up to what I knew I was worth, I made the decision to forge out out on my own.

I tried desperately to rise in the ranks and prove that I was valuable to people who, based on their own perceptions of me, where incapable of seeing me and paying me my worth.  I ultimately had to ask myself If I was willing to allow fear to hold me back from my destiny.

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I was lucky in that I have support from my family to make this possible, but there are days when I want to undo it all. On those days, I pause, and allow myself to trust the process and let the Universe guide me. So how do you know when it’s time to forge out on your own?

When you value your peace of mind above a pay check. When you consider going on short term disability because the stress is ready to kill you. When you feel an invisible force pushing you in the direction because nothing else you’ve tried has worked out. That’s how you know. Whether or not you actually pay attention to these signs is  totally up to you.


Taking the road less traveled has an appeal I know many people find admirable, but I can honestly tell you I didn’t have much of a choice. I went to college, I finished graduate school, I held management positions, but at the end of the day I never felt valued, not professionally, and certainly not monetarily. So what do you do when you’re working your butt off and it’s not paying off on any front? Or you’re working your butt off, but you barely have  time to spend with your family, and the money still doesn’t seem to be flowing? You get out of your own way and you try something new. That’s what did and what I continue to do, even when I want to give up.

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  1. Thanks for this. I love your hoensty and transparency in this post. I, too want to forge out on my own but know that the time is not now but hopefully soon as I work to develop my brand, 😊

  2. Well written & yes, inspiring. Because you had the courage to act on a vision. It’s hard work, but anything worth its while takes effort. Enjoy the journey! Great post, thanks for sharing 🙂 xx

  3. “I have absolutely no reason to believe that building my brand will result in my ability to truly live out my dreams, and yet and still I continue to do it. Yet and still, I believe.”

    This is the realest statement right now. But yet, there is always that little voice in the back of our heads that says otherwise. Thank you for being so honest and transparent with your journey love. You look gorgeous per usual!
    Seyi recently posted…Halter Bodysuit + Flare DenimMy Profile

  4. Lisa A la Mode is that you? If so, absolutely beautiful…your skin, your hair, your style…just AWESOME. I want to say thank you for this blog. It gave me inspiration because I can relate to those feelings and that force of energy that just don’t allow you to quit! That’s the universe pushing me towards my gift. And this gave me confirmation. Thanks for sharing

  5. I quit my Job about four months back so i can focus of my business and my blog. This was the most difficult decision I have ever made but yet so full filling. So all lot of the things you said here resonates with. I was extremely unhappy at that company and somehow i thank God because now i know happiness on a daily basis. Its a lot t of work doing things on your own and even stressful at times. But to me, best decision i ever made. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Very well said Lisa, I too am looking to venture into the world completely free of 9-5 deadlines and mean bosses! I admire your bravery and my hat goes off to those who take the leap of faith and doing what truly makes you happy! I wish u much continued success!

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