Once Teased for her Dark Skin, This Stunning Model Is Now Laughing All The Way To The Bank

Khoudia Diop, 19, is a vision. I mean, really, can you take your eyes off of her?

melanin-goddess-Khoudia Diop

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How anyone could have ever seen anything other than beauty when looking at this face is beyond me, but as we know, the western world has always struggled to recognize the beauty of dark skin.

Born in Senegal, but raised here in the States, Diop, told DailyMail that she was relentlessly teased  as a child, and even continues to face criticism from the online community.

I was teased a lot growing up, because of my skin tone. By other kids, and now even online sometimes, people will make comments….Growing up, I faced it by confronting the bullies. As I grew, I learned to love myself more every day, and not pay attention to the negative people, which helped a lot.

Diop’s confidence is no doubt a big factor in her ability to land a modeling contract, and gain over 200,000 followers in Instagram under her name Melanin Goddess.

melanin-goddess-melanin-goddess-Khoudia Diop

 melanin-goddess-Khoudia Diop

You might remember seeing Diop in the Colored Girls Inc. Campaign I wrote about a few months ago. Since then her following has grown off the charts and her opportunities are expanding. The increased exposure has allowed Diop the opportunity to start changing society’s views on what is beautiful.

The message I have for my sisters is that how you look doesn’t matter as long as you feel beautiful inside.

melanin-goddess-Khoudia Diop melanin-goddess-Khoudia Diop melanin-goddess-Khoudia Diop

She shared this message on her Facebook page:

 melanin-goddess-Khoudia Diop
melanin-goddess-melanin-goddess-Khoudia Diop
We see you, Queen! Keep up with Diop via her Instagram Account for more.
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  1. Always teased and tortured just for being different…darker! I didnt choose to be this color; however, God felt that I was strong enough, mature enough, just enough to understand adversity and hate!! It’s sad that we have to compete externally as well as internally!!

  2. When I first saw this model on instagram I thought there is no way this woman is real, she is too stunning!! I am glad that she’s laughing all the way to the bank. She deserves it.

  3. Love it… I too was teased relentlessly for my skin tone and even now I struggle a bit with what society views as beauty. I really appreciate and love the fact that others can see beauty comes in all shades!!!

  4. You are beautiful we are just like our creator and His angels, we are beautiful. Read Daniel 7 and ch10. We are indeed made in His image and His likeness, He chose us as His nation, His people. Say it loud we’re black and proud!!!!!!!

  5. Pure Beauty! It is so easy to get caught up with the internet standards for beauty. She is like no other, and for that, she can’t be matched. We can’t be matched! #BlackGirlMagic

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