Bride Kicks Her Friend of 12 Years Out Of Her Wedding Party Because Her Friend’s Skin Is Too Dark

Yes, you read that title correctly. When I first read this story on Madame Noire, I seriously doubted it could be true. However, upon further research, I discovered that indeed a woman is alleging that her friend of 12 years removed her from her wedding party because of her dark skin.

According to a post on Refinery, a reddit user posted the following:

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She then added the following information:

A month after the wedding, one of the bridesmaids was venting to me about how the bride still hadn’t paid for the catering that her boyfriend did and how angry she was about it. During this conversation, she casually lets it slip that the real reason we were removed from the wedding was because I (South Asian) and my friend (Black) had dark skin, and she preferred how the dresses looked on pale skin. I still haven’t told the other removed bridesmaid about this revelation.

The user posted the questioned to gage how she should feel about being removed from the wedding due to her skin tone.

My thoughts? Both the bride and the bridesmaid spilling the beans ain’t sh*t. The person now singing like a bird is only doing so because she’s now pissed at the bride for her own reasons. Instead of simply dealing with her frustration with the bride herself, she chose to reveal  incredibly hurtful information to not only hurt the bride (who may indeed deserve it), but to also hurt this dark skin friend as a consequence.

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  1. Yeah she ain’t shit because in my opinion it should have been addressed when she first heard it instead of waiting until her beau got ripped off but I’m not sure what she expected from the bride when u knew she kicked a friend of 12yrs out of her wedding due to her siin

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