Trump is President: Vent or Celebrate Here

I’ve made no secret of my support of  Hillary Clinton. I even voted for her back when she was going up against then Senator Obama in the primaries. So to say I was disappointed to discover Donald Trump has been elected our next president is an understatement. That being said, I know there are some of you who voted him in, and I also assume the vast majority of you were #withher.  No matter which side of the fence you find  yourself, however,  you are entitled to share your views.


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This isn’t going to be a think-piece wherein I eloquently describe what this presidency will mean to our nation. I can’t give you that today. I’m still reeling. What I can do, however,  is offer my blog as a free and open space where you can describe how you are feeling. I will delete cursing or really any offensive posts, so please be kind.

How are you feeling today? Sound off below

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  1. Wha8 done is done, don’t go out there doing violent protesting, that will get you murdered, next step is to fully come together and change things in this country with intelligence! 😃

  2. Very disappointed and sad, but this one thing I know, GOD is still in control not Man. We must hold on to our Faith and Trust. Our vote counts, to many people did not vote because they didn’t like the choices, so here we are. We will get thru this. I also believe it is a wake up call to the Black community. We need to create and support our own businesses. We have so much POWER, LET’S USE IT

  3. I’m so disappointed that he was elected. What he represents is disgusting. From the bigotry, to the monger of fear, to the racism, etc.. electing Trump for president is like allowing your dentist to conduct your knee replacement surgery. While the dentist is still a doctor, they aren’t an orthopedic doctor. We shall see what these 4 years have in store for us.

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