Black Woman Defines White Supremacy in the most EPIC Facebook Rant Ever [warning, your jaw will hit the floor]

I’m going to preface this post by stating that I know for sure we have a LOT of white allies in this struggle, but in light of Donald Trump appointing a known white supremacist, Steve Bannon, as his chief advisor, many of us have had it up to here with some of the blatant ignorance shown on behalf of some of our allies.

The facebook user below took NO prisoners when she decided to define white supremacy in no uncertain terms

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Be warned. This following excerpts contain profanity and WILL snatch the hell out of your edges if you aren’t ready. Hold onto your weave caps/hats/bonnets, ladies!!

Here it goes:


Amazed attractive woman gesturing on white background

You ready for this?








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  1. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏yassssssssssss ssssssshhhhhhhhh AMEN

      1. this was not me. LOL! I do not express myself in this manner. I just shared the post from someone else. Feel free to poke around my site, though! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I was in the process of writing just this very same topic my sista, and was embarrassingly going to leave out all the profanity but I sure as hell was thinking the exact same way profanity and all on the subject of racism and privilege. Koodles for you taking a powerful stand on behalf of your ancestors and fellow brotha’s and sista’s whom I’m sure feel the same way you do, but might not be able to articulate themselves and the struggle so eloquently. at this point in the game called life; with us being under attack daily we all better grow some seriously big ass balls right about now!! I know I am in search of all soldiers of color to join me in devising a plan to protect our own.

    1. Hey Denise. These are screenshots of a facebook conversation. I am not the author of the commentary, but I am the author of this blog.

    1. When your anger is built up so much by the vitriol placed upon people of color, I believe, profanity should be the least of anyone’s concern. Who doesn’t want to say “fuck you” to some ignorant person?

  3. Preach.

    This it w/o profanity.
    White woman: Sometimes I wish I wish I had been born a black woman. You all seem so strong

    Ok look here MethAnne, what you NOT gone do on today is whine all up on a black woman’s page on this low-key but really highly microaggresive shit about wanting to cultivate her strenthg…guess what, Becky..? You and your oily sociopathic people are the reason we’ve had to build up these deep wells of resilience in the FIRST place y’all had stayed in y’alls irrelevant filthy backwards lanes instead of building a global empire on the backs of black people [[how you gone name us one of the most negative words in your language you sociopathic *!@..? Degrade our continent on the world stage and rape it for hundreds of years, throwing dirt on everything that is is to be African and then expecting us to feel bad for you now that your sky is falling..?!]] There wouldn’t be an assumption/perception of endless boundless magical strength..if you stayed filthy and stinking and diseased in your small sad cloudy corner of the world and left all of the rest of us on this planet alone…but y’all couldn’t, and now we’re trapped up in this ugly corrupt system with y’all stank butts, and there isn’t even anywhere we can go to escape it because y’all spread it to the whole world…you gut us f*cked up Gertrude…

    First let me burst this bubble..this shit is not endless…it comes with an incredible, constant strain and pressure on the mental health..but when we’re sick and angry, you pathologizing us..but you want our STRENGTH, Hermoine..? Please get out forever and ever and never bring your butt to another black woman’s space to complain about your dim little life and your coddled feelings and your collectively weak insitutiitions as whites…ok..? We don’t give a shit..white people don’t give a shit about people of color, and they ESPECIALLY don’t give a shit about Africans…literally not a single shit..almost all of the pain we endure is a DIRECT RESULT of you, and whiteness and western culture and globalized white supremacy, and most of all but white people just burdening us with yalls presence in general.. AND GOT THE NERVE TO OPPRESS US TOO… and press anyone who is not a straight white cis man, and fight as hard and as strong as you know how to keep these systems intact so they can continue keeping a bloody dirty book on the neck of four fifths of the global population…f*ck wrong with you?!

    Our strength…how bout you eat a dick Helga…? You don’t want this strength because you’re too much of a coward to endure and survive what it takes to develop don’t want to bleed and fight and cry and die for this tortured, physically and psychologically, for centuries until we see ourselves as LESS THAN YOU..!! Because your lazy unimaginative savage ancestors decided you wanted everything that everyone else had and you didn’t give a shit who you had to slaughter and brainwash and enslave and stand on top of to get it…gimme a break, okay..? Take a Xanax. ok. and breath through that shit because I personally don’t care what you’re going aint got shit on my liberation from you white bullshit and your white American shit machine so you can miss me with the dramatics..

    Let me go roll this weed up because I have honestly had it all the way up to my gotdamnit synapses with y’all butts, Helen..all the way up to there..yall stay wanting something from us, our bodies, our labor, our butts, our pussies, our dicks, our hips, our plan, our music, our art, our blood, our knowledge, our food, our lips, our melanin, our magic, but y’all draw a hard white line between consuming us and respecting us, or seeing us, or recognizing you we are..yall came from US, you pale ungrateful dust mite. Every flavorful thing you have you stole from us and from our children and imma need you all to have every every one that ever existed..the newest gotdamnit humans out and y’all wanna act like y’all made this planet shake..yall aint made shit but mayonnaise flavored dammit suffering..for everybody who aint mayo flavored…fuck you…my strength..get stuffed, Miriam..we don’t have time to listen to your white problems over our oppression…

    Y’all already on niggas nerves because y’all sill butts proved you’ll sink the whole planet to preserve this raggedy motherf*cker called whiteness..don’t come begging us for our sympathy to…we don’t got it for you..ask my big momma why..and her big momma..and her big momma..and her big momma..and hers..and hers too..And then when you get done you can ask hers couldnt’ handle this curse, this ‘strength’, and you don’t deserve the gifts either..Miss Middle Age American look ass..smfh


    1. Sistar spoken words of truth you said it all give to there white ass got served well this is our sacred land of our ancestors build on free laborrrr!!!! I need you to be my facebook friend

  5. I do not feel sorry for her. You get what you ask. Let see how you doing in four years, My question to day and four years from now. How is Trump working you you white girl?

  6. This is the first post where some white person did not troll their asses in with some BS commentary…… As my Jamaican grandmother would say “duppy know who fi frighten”….
    They ALL took two seats today …. Or in the words of the author “every fuckin seat”……

    1. White, middle -aged woman here. I read every brilliant word when a friend posted this yesterday. I’m guessing that at least a few of us white folks aren’t saying anything because she said it so well and clearly that there just isn’t anything else to say. Meaning, I accept what is said. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be helpful to any of us for me to shed tears all over the page here. Or ask you to reassure me that you aren’t really talking about fragile-feelinged me. I believe I can and should listen to her truth without trying to “answer” or change anyone’s facts here. I’m silent because I think that is the most supportive, respectful thing I can do in response. And now, I’ll quietly go back and take a seat and keep listening. Unless I am in action in which case I’ll keep on with that too.

      1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I honestly struggled with sharing this because I was afraid it would be too polarizing. Thank you for your reassurance.

        1. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. But it’s really, truly, time to speak the truth and let the rest of us deal with our feelings about it.

  7. Even that beautiful, passionate prose was thoroughly wrenched from her heart. The white thieves in the night, stealing our ancestors, and forever branding our future grandchildren with pain, death, destruction, suppression, segregation, colorism, shame, betrayal, separation, and poverty has castrated a nation. Becky’s complaints, greed, jelousy, caused a volcano of emotions to explode and shower us in a reflection of past, present, and future angst that we forever indure in white America. She feels untitled to our strength as well because of white privilege. They want to whip us to, strip us to, lynch us to… Dust. And they are not satisfied with dust, they would find a way to use that to, our ashes to plant their gardens. Becky, yes, have several seats. Thank you op for dumping “birtha” on her white ass.

  8. I am an Indigenous man from Alberta, Canada who is also Two-Spirit.

    This. All of this. Verbatim. My sentiments, Dear White Folk.


  9. straight . . . no chaser. love it!
    time. that the author took hers to speak this level of truth is priceless.
    beyond words, i’m proud-empowered-inspired & encouraged.

  10. Well dayum. I could take this girl out for a drink. She spoke nothing but the god damn truth and all I have to add is that more of us need to be telling them the truth as it is and stop sparing their feelings and continue to let them twist the truth and tell us our history from their recently interested point of view.

  11. There may be some truths in this rant but it is wrong in that it didn’t come from a place of love. Martin Luther King jr is rolling over in his grave and Jesus does not know or have any parts of the hate that woman decided to spew. There is so much pain and anger here which I understand all too well, but healing comes with love. Not an eye for an eye.

  12. How black people can find redemption in that ignorant display of ebonics and convolution is mystifying to me considering the poor sentence structure, poor grammar , plethora of misspelled words and unnecessary profanity … GRADE F.

    1. It’s Facebook, not a dissertation, thesis or business proposal. It’s bad enough that we have to deal with white folks telling us how to express our anger and frustration. Leave people to express themselves in their own manner.

  13. Put the breaks on your party bus. dayum!
    Number one, take a cue from your history. Missed that in school apparently. How did slavery happen in america? Oh, yeah, thats right. It was brought over from Africa. Sold from Africa as a slave and brought to the America’s. Draumatizing television tobreflect families being torn apart by the white man when it was a black man thing. Fact check, fact check.
    Then,groups of white people REALIZED, just about the ONLY difference between the black and white IS color. Black people were no more the savage animals than the native americans were. So, WHITE man formed a drive to ambolish slavory. Unfortunatly, there were STILL bigoted assholes who were angry about the fact that the president out lawed slavery, “but what about all that money I lost? What about the sons i lost in the war!”
    So, there was that.
    You look at this battle as YOUR own war. Well, guess what? We are in a war tight now. And your attitude is just the perfect shit storm to piss off the “friends” you DO have. Dont catorgorize ALL whites as suprimists! Not ALL of us agree with what is and has been happening and are willing to do more than just raise our babies right about it.

    1. Hush with this foolishness and stupidity! The same school taught you revised history also gave you modified globes wick depict the continent of Africa smaller than it actually is & that thanksgiving was actually some kind of love fest. It’s white people like you and the original commentor that evoke responses like hers. You speak on the issue if slavery being abolished with that “they realized the only difference” mess as if that’s where our struggles ended. I’d tell you to take several seats but they’ve been reserved for MethAnne

    2. If that story helps you sleep at night. Those that survived the luxurious Cruise from Africa they were greeted with glasses of Champagne and Caviar. Given equal rights to move about freely from state to state. Oh let’s not remember the ones that didn’t survive the maiden voyage simply just didn’t want to be free. So if you feel better about your ancestors because everyone they came in contact with they either stole or stole their land. So except that you are just another pathetic descendant who will justify your bigotry by blaming the victim. Just be fully aware what makes you people shudder is the fact that my ancestors survived those deplorable conditions and that scares the shit out of you because you will never ever understand or posses that kind of strength its avBlack thang. You want to kill what you fear don’t you admit. We are your worst nightmare and we staying.

  14. This is a bunch of bitterness and hatred. This is not the will of God. God tell us to forgive and we will be forgiven. The Bible says love shall cover a multitude of sins. Strenght lies in Humility, Love and compassion. Jesus loves us all, He died for us all. If God mark our iniquities who would stand! Jesus shall wipe away every tear from our eyes and heal our wounds. These are the words of a black woman who has experience racism. But I choose to pray for my enemies and forgive as God has forgiven me. The word of God says if anyone hates is brother he will not inherent the kingdom of heaven. Please give your life, bitterness, hurt and mental, and emotional torment to him and he will give you eternal life. John 3:16 For God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whomsoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. Amen

  15. I’m pretty sure your lack of linguistic capability has a great deal to do with your lack of usefulness to the civilized world.

  16. I could never ever understand your struggle as I am a white woman. But I will certainly support you all the way. You don’t need it, I know. But just know that there are white people who try to understand. Wish you all the most of mostest of luck. Please don’t torch me.

  17. And she dropped the Mike… Walks off stage.
    Suddenly, claps trickle into an uproar.

    My sistah from another mother, peace and blessings!! This rejuvenated me this morning! Whew! Yes! Thank you!

  18. I think you all missed the point. Basically stop complaining and wishing for things that I have. Because the strength that “Becky” wants, came with a price that she didn’t want to pay but had to in order to survive. People are talking about her spelling, cuzzin and anger. But you didn’t bother to look past all that to see what she is really saying. To be strong or have this “strength”, as “Becky” puts it is sometimes a downfall.

  19. when as a race educate ourselves we can take over this universe. This is why the white man is terrified of our existence. It is written in the bible the only thing that at this point will come out of my mouth is boo, be very afraid because we are what our destiny dictates and it will happen.

  20. Hey great read, I’ve been sharing it as much I can. Question, I’m a white chick and want to know if there is a place for me in this or should I just get the fuck out of the way.

    1. I think you should definitely chime in. I’d be scared to if I were you, lol, but I’m not as ballsy as some. I’d love to hear your perspective.

  21. I’m a black man. My response to the response the sista gave is; God used the white man as a belt to whoop the Negroes ass. Why? Because the negro made a covenant with God that they didn’t keep. It is written that God in advance told the negro people what the consequences would be if they didn’t keep, follow and obey His laws statutes and commandments. Read Deuteronomy 28:15-68. So, the people the Negro needs to blame for their conditions and circumstances is their ancestors for breaking the covenant they made with God. God put these curses upon us for our ancestors disobedience. And until we wake the hell up in realizing who we truly are according to our biblical bloodline, and, come to realize who put us in our circumstance, these curses will be on us until Jesus returns to free us from our captivity. We can blame the white man all day but the white man didn’t do this to us. Our ancestors did this to us and we’re paying the price of their disobedience.

    Visit YouTube channel AuChaYah and listen and view 3 documentaries that explain the truth of who we truly are. 1. The Physical Appearance of Israel. 2. The Curses. 3. Hebrew So Called Negro. Wake up Israel to your true identity and start keeping your Gods laws, statutes and commandments. #OSOAIC #auchayah

  22. It you reached into my soul and put the feeling on paper.I. stand in awe of the spirit filled truth you so eloquently delivered! You my sister are the real MVP!

  23. It is a powerful statement and a worthwhile one, except for one thing – it was directed at another woman. 🙁

    She admired your strength and hinted that she wished she had it, too – even to wishing she could change the color of her skin. But, why did she say it? You can’t tell just from her one statement.

    What if she’s under 18, lives at home and a male relative has been sexually abusing her since she hit puberty or even before? What if she envies your strength because she blames herself, feels that if she was only a little stronger or more brave, she could make him stop?

    What if she is in a marriage with a husband who beats her, and is too afraid to leave?

    What if she was recently raped, and feels she should have been able to fight off her attacker (or worse, someone even said or hinted to her that she should have been able to)?

    What if one of her co-workers is sexually harassing her and she’s too afraid of him even to report it, to stop it?

    Is there a woman born, of *any* race, that doesn’t have a reason to fear being victimized (simply for being a woman) at some point in her life? The odds aren’t great for any of us, regardless of race or class.

    Unless you are positive that you know what’s behind that wish, you might have just unloaded all that on someone who is already living in/through hell. Who was focused on their own personal hell, and maybe even hoping that someone could throw her a lifeline and tell her how she could be stronger, too.

    Even if it’s nothing like the above, even if she’s every bit the spoiled princess who needed that education, though – still, was she ever really part of the problem? Women can be catty to one another, but none of us have been in a position to actually be an oppressor yet. We’re all still fighting being the oppressed or victimized ourselves, that fight isn’t over yet. So was it worth potentially losing an ally who admired you, who basically said she thought you were better than she was – just to unload generations’ worth of well-justified anger?

    The rant was perfect, and perfectly justified. The target of it, potentially not so much. Especially if her expressed wish was born more of hidden desperation than of privilege. Rape, molestation, domestic violence, sexual harassment can happen to any woman, any time. There’s no level of privilege that will insulate any woman from any of those things, and there never has been.

    So I hate to see us be divided or attacking one another. I think we do still have much more in common than we don’t have, just as women.

    1. I couldn’t be quiet so here’s my reply. Don’t know if it will be posted so just in case, here goes:

      To be very clear white women are not merely victims of white misogyny but they are complicit, co-conspirators, benefactors, perpetuators, and manipulators of white misogyny. We could engage in what-ifs all day regarding the background story to her patronizing wish for strength but what also gets missed is the idea that black women are sooo strong. Relegating us to beasts and miles and not the human beings we are. For all the what-ifs you wish to impose on her request, there are millions of black women who have not only had to endure the potential and speculative suffering from black men so desperate to feel like “real men” that they recreate the same oppression in their own communities to establish themselves as equals to white men IN ADDITION TO white supremacy and oppression. White women regularly and continuously shit on black women whenever and however it suits them so you can miss me with your bullshit suggestions of Becky’s past trauma. So many incredible black women have been taken out of this world by disease, violence, and total neglect because eventually this alleged endless well of strength ran out. We are fully human and what you are not gon do is assume a lack of empathy or understanding from MY sistah because she isn’t letting this fragile creature called the white woman cry on her shoulder. We bear the weight of the world with zero gratitude or recognition of our contributions for millennia. And to be clear the world would absolutely stop if we stopped. So rather than constructing a narrative for the white girl how about you shut your mouth and deal with the non-fiction horror story that we know.

    2. “WE” are already divided, “Miss Anne”, and we were not the ones who were and are complicit in this division.

      Bottom line: I am SICK TO DEATH of white people, particularly WHITE WOMEN, who are just as evil, as their male counterparts, if not moreso, insisting that we owe you our efforts to help you all purge yourselves of the mental illness of racism.

      Let me advise you of something…these are NOT the days of Gone With The Wind, where Mammy coddled and cleaned up the messs Scarlett’s mess.

      FIRST you tell us that “we” have to work with YOU ALL to rid this country of racism.

      Now, you expect us to wipe away your “white tears” you shed over some petty bullshit you may be dealing with. You women should have a smile on your faces 24/7, because if you had to deal eith a fraction of the shit WE have and STILL deal with, you would have slit your wrists a LONG TIME AGO.

      Here’s the lowdown, RAW AND UNCUT…..

      WE, AFRICAN WOMEN….are NOT your MAMMIES AND NURSEMAIDS. WE are NOT OBLIGATED to wipe away your white tears and snot from from your eyes and noses, NOR are we obligated to wipe away the piss and shit RACISM, from your asses.

      Wipe away your OWN MESS, that is NOT OUR RESPONSIBILITY.

    3. 💯 The words were facts & how I know I feel, but it does make you wonder where her “wish” stems from. There are so many oppressions, although not all as blantant as what is expercienced by black Americans. I now wonder what struggles “Becky” was wishing for strength to overcome & hope the ad hoc history lesson was not too much for her to withstand.

      I mean, I am always down for a good read….but as an educated black woman, it is difficult to pass any judgement without all of the information. It’s hard to see how her one wish for strength made anyone come for her.


    1. What the hell are you talking about? Maybe you should stop thinking in terms of us and them! Stop the hatred and get yourself together..

  24. I’m so tired of white women coming in black women’s spaces and telling us how to feel, how to write, how to think….

    You privilege has no permission here.

    1. that wasn’t my intent. I was trying to help build a bridge of understanding. I was trying to have a conversation and let you know that I hate how divided we are. I spoke my truth as she spoke hers. I am white through and through just as you are black through and through….. I can’t change that. Sorry if this page was the wrong place to do it.

  25. In other words: black woman being obscenely racist, bigoted and aggressive in the manner of the most savage white supremacist imaginable. Well done, the pupil outdoing the master!

    1. How dare “the pupil” speak to massa like that??! On behalf of black women worldwide let me say jusat say: We sho is sorry! Us promise to do betta next time massa! Us nigg…I mean “Pupils” gonna stay in us place! We sho didn’t mean to offend, massa!”

      That better?

  26. There’s not much left to say, this sista had all she could take, and dropped a lot of knowledge and I commend her. It also tickled me but hey truth is truth. Be blessed fam!!!

  27. This is getting out of hand. I have to say something because of the praise this post is getting. Please read with an open mind no matter who you are.

    I am a white male from a “privileged” white working-class family. I grew up in the suburb of an extremely diverse city, and have close friends of all races, colors, religions, shapes and sizes. My best friend is black. From my personal experience – going to racially diverse schools, living in culturally mixed cities my whole life, I am always humbled to see people of all different backgrounds develop healthy relationships, whether it be personal or professional. I myself am a young professional working in the talent (music) industry. The only hatred I have ever actually seen has been online, in the media, social media etc.. coming from people like the above with a chip on their shoulders. And it’s sad. It’s sad because your hatred is misplaced. From what I can tell, every human being in this country can succeed in the world if they work hard and have a strong mind. If we’re talking specifically about black people, there are black CEOs, black doctors, black lawyers, black PRESIDENTS. They got to where they are because of hard work and belief in themselves. Yes, there are exceptions, but in general, you are not oppressed. You have no oppressors but yourselves, no one judges you but yourselves. If you feel judged by the “white man” you bring it on yourselves by the way you choose to portray yourselves. Maybe I am just modest and I cannot speak for all white people, but I know I do not walk around with “privileged” painted on my forehead. I’ve worked for everything I have which isn’t much, I’ll be paying student loans for the rest of my life, and I am in no position to think I am better than anyone else, no matter the color. If society chooses to view me as privileged because of the color of MY skin, well isn’t that the same as saying you are NOT privileged because of the color of YOUR skin? What the hell about what I just described about myself screams “privileged” except for my complexion? It’s ignorance all around. Racism is not and never has been one sided. No one did this to you. You are not victims. And if you’d like to be historically correct, your.. no, OUR own African ancestors royally FUCKED you when they went into business with the Europeans and later the Americans. They were colleagues, treated as equals, who sold their own for the Atlantic slave trade. This was business, and A LOT of people profited from this business – not just white folk. I am well aware that the struggle did not stop when slavery was abolished. The utter stupidity in America that followed is not something to be proud of. But guess what everyone, we are in a new age. An age of liberalism. An age where I am certain that most people have the ability to think and act the way I do, treating everyone as equals and trying not to place judgment. Everyone but people like this, who continue to spread hate and cause divisiveness through your misconceptions. Yes, there are isolated groups of insane people like the KKK that still exist, but this is not everyone, and to make generalizations like this is supposed to be exactly what you’re against. Posts like this do not do anything to educate white people or anyone else. Posts like this are not against racism, they ARE EXTREMELY racist. Significantly more racist than I have ever seen or heard from a white person. If anything, it’s people like this who make it difficult for people like me to maintain my relationships with people who don’t look like me. Because if all black people or all minorities had this negative outlook, NO ONE would get along. It’s time to let go of anything we hold against anyone and live in today. You all.. no, WE all.. need to look at where we came from and educate ourselves on the struggles of all of our ancestors. Then, we need to look at ourselves in the mirror and determine who we are as individuals. Then, we need to figure out who we want to be, and who we want our children to be and what kind of world we want them to live in. Then, lastly, we need to forget about all that. Because ultimately, we are ALL just creatures of this earth. THE SAME EARTH. And tiny creatures at that. So everybody shut up because none of this petty shit should matter anyway. Thank you.

    P.S. I am not a Trump supporter. I will say, however, that if in fact his presidency has something to do with all this racial drama being exploited, please realize that he has NOTHING to do with it. This has always existed, unfortunately, and I urge everyone who is scared or worried to not let one man be the catalyst for another civil war.

    1. Stop. You’re abusing history. I’m white and from fucking AUSTRALIA and even I know your shit is wrong.

      Did Africans sell slaves? Yep. But because slavery was VERY VERY different.

      Be fucking accurate when you talk about slavery. Slavery has long existed but CHATTEL slavery was something so fucking evil it couldn’t be imagined.

      Chattel slavery made these people COMMODITIES. And not only them. . .But their children, their grand children, their great grand children. The cycle would never end, it had to be broken. They had NO legal rights, no access to many basic needs, they were raped and abused and tortured generation after generation. Living and dying in pain.

      You sit there saying you are white and a man and you don’t see the problem. That IS the fucking problem. It’s not that hatred and microaggressions don’t exist, it’s that you won’t SEE them.

      You look at the world with privilege goggles on and bristle at the idea that anyone DARE point out that being a white man is playing on easy mode.

      And no, no one says that a white person, man or woman, cannot suffer. I have NEVER had a black woman mock me for being a survivor of rape, or for being disabled. They know that I experience a load of shit.

      BUT black women can’t hold me up while they are busy going through the same and MORE.

      So, Guy, the point is that you will never be oppressed BECAUSE you are white or BECAUSE you are a man. You may face hardships in life based on disability, ageism, homophobia etc. But being white will never be a burden, it will never be something the whole world tries to tear you down for.

      The reality, Guy, is that you don’t fucking GET it. And it’s about time you took a seat, shut up, and started listening.

      1. Thank you. The 1st time the majority of white men will ever deal with any type of discrimination is in the criminal system or when they get old and slow. So Guys sit down shut up band enjoy your privilege.

  28. Right. Trying is good….but it’s not everything. Not close to enough. And where you’ve gone way, way wrong here is “teach us”. No. Not one Black person here (or in meat space either, I’d venture) has signed up to be your emotional and intellectual sherpa. Do not place yet another burden on oppressed people. It is not on them to teach you, it’s on you to learn. Presumably, you got here via the internet. The internet, which is full of vast, vast amounts of knowledge, facts, opinions, and lessons. It’s on YOU to go find out what you need to know, not on someone else to hold your hand. Carry your own weight.

    Taking my white ass back to my seat again now…

  29. Caroline, I’m a white woman too, and I have to say: No. Do NOT ask people you have subjugated, insulted, and murdered for centuries to “see it from our point of view”. WTF? Don’t you think they would take a vacation from being under our damn heel if they could? We don’t SEEM to come from different worlds, we DO – because I can choose to ignore this. These women can’t, they are stuck with our shit every minute of every day, and their children get stuck with it too, and that’s because of us. You want credit for trying? Here’s how you get it: SIT THE FUCK DOWN, RIGHT NEXT TO ME. These women are speaking. Stop interrupting.

  30. That’s what happens when white guilt is displaced-disguised as “consideration” (the agenda) and, especially NOW with satan-as-president, all that’s left to do with such idiocy is to rant it out.

    SADLY, this rant – especially as expressed – will be seen as, “typical, angry Black Woman” – which is the other part of the “agenda.”
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