Kelly Rowland Strips Down And Folks Are Mad

The ever-beautiful Kelly Rowland posted stripped down photos to her Instagram account yesterday, and the comments on some blogs have been less than complementary.


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Some commenters on Bossip had this to say:





Here’s the thing: Personally, I’m a bit on the modest side. I’m nervous every time I post pictures of myself in short shorts (Like HERE). What can I say? I’m a Haitian girl, and some things will never change. That notwithstanding, when and how I choose to share my body with the world is my own business. I don’t impose my own modesty on other people.

Kelly looks incredible. Her skin, hair, makeup, nails, everything is flawless. And while she is nude, I don’t find anything risqué about these photos. She’s not posing provocatively or selling “sex.” So what’s the big deal? And don’t get me started on the “wife and mother” nonsense that’s being thrown around. The very body she is displaying is the same one that carried and birthed a human being.


While you’re here, click HERE to see Kelly’s gorgeous spread in Schon Magazine.

Kelly Rowland Poses For ‘Schön! Magazine

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  1. Kim K West can pose/show her build a booty but you coming for Kelly. I wouldn’t do even if I looked as good as her but to each his own. Build a booty crashes the internet and ya”all want to scull drag Missy. Miss me

  2. Tell them to leave their hating comments to herself. She is a WOMAN first. She is beautiful. This was a picture of a woman. We are not one dimensional. The poses werent even suggestive! !! These narrow minded views are not worth the time. Bravo to Kelly!

  3. She is beautiful and she did it in good taste that make me mad when people always citizen a black female for show your beautiful body love you Kelly simply beautiful. But when that Kim Kardashian show her but you all have nothing say people kill me especially some people black always putting your own race down you look beautiful Kelly you go girl

  4. If it is acceptable for the soon to be “first lady”, why not for Kelly Rowland. I believe she tastefully did it and it’s beautiful.

  5. I think she is gorgeous! She is not showing tits and ass. She has her legs , arms, thighs and back. She left something to the imagination. Hell, if I had her body I would be naked all the time. People are so judgemental. Let her live! Her husband has nothing to say about it. Why should anyone else.

  6. Sheila looked beautiful. She didn’t show anything….very modest. If she had poom-poom shorts in a provocative pose with male dancers most would saying “” she slayed”

  7. i think she look amazing. As a wife and mother myself, i can safely say that i have never felt as sexy as when i did become a wife and mother. The fact that my body could still do these amazing things and look amazing made me feel even more confident. i wouldn’t be surprised if she took these pics for the same reasons that folks are trying to tell her to step down. haters!

  8. It only becomes a problem, when a black woman does it. Than it becomes demeaning, disparate and just plan wrong. Every other woman in the world can wear it, say it and do it. The minute a black woman does the same thing, she gets ripped to pieces. We’re damn if we do, we’re damn if we don’t…!

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