Yandy and Mendeecees Aren’t Actually Married And I’m Here For It

Yandy Smith, Love and Hip Hop New York star and “wife,” of convicted felon, Mendeecees Harris just revealed that the huge VH1 wedding special we all watched last year wasn’t all the way real.


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Okay, so yes, the wedding ceremony was real. Their marriage, however, isn’t actually legit.

Even though the pair were married in a huge Love & Hip Hop special, it has been learned that they did, in fact, fail to actually get married. Yandy has confessed that she and Mendeecees didn’t legally tie the knot before he headed off to prison.. –Inquistor 

Apparently, Yandy and Mendeecees  left their signatures off the of the paper-work to protect Yandy’s earnings and assets while Mendeecees is in prison. Mendeecees has two children with two other women, and they aren’t all one happy family. The two women reportedly joined this season’s cast of LHHNY for the sole purpose of confronting Yandy.

Watch a preview here:

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Personally,  I don’t feel the least bit duped by Yandy. A wedding is a ceremony. A marriage is a legally binding business agreement. We add in all this love and mush foolishness, but as soon as the government, finances, and taxes come into play, it’s called a business. And as a true mothereffin boss, Yandy played her cards right.


She’s clearly devoted to the man, committing herself to him, birthing two of his children, and standing by him even after discovering his lengthy criminal history. So while many of us side-eyed Yandy for sticking by Mendeecees, I have nothing but praise for her decision to not be Booboo The Fool.

Nope, she was not trying to be dragged in and out of court on account of these other mothers viewing her as a cash-cow, while Mendeecees serves his 8-year sentence. Nope, I am not in the least bit mad.


How these two choose to manage their finances isn’t anyone’s business. No one who attended my wedding has asked to see our bank statements, marriage license, or our tax returns, so I’m not sure why the legality of this union matters to anyone. They’ve given us two babies, the big party with Yandy in the pretty dress, and they committed themselves to each other  before God and their family, AND they got paid to do it. Why are we mad again?

Well played, Ms. Smith. Well played.

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  1. That’s what a prenup is for. She could have married him for real but made him sign a lockdown prenup that would have left baby mamas and Uncle Sam in the cold.

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