White Mom Furious Over Her Biracial Daughters “Black” Hairstyle

I can’t make this up. Apparently, the father, a black man, sent a picture of his daughter to her Mother, a white woman. Mom was none-too pleased with the hairstyle in said picture and told him so in no uncertain terms. Read for yourself:


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  1. Lord lord the baby is black she has 1/8 in her blood she is black….The braids are beautiful and who say they look black?
    What you shouldn’t have done? You shouldn’t have laid down with a black man if you didn’t want a mixed child…
    Baby daddy you better fight for your daughter and teachet her to embrace her race as black because she going to grow up saying she don’t know who she is and talking crazy saying she nevet fit in with black or white confused and bipolar…Then to the stupid mothet your child is black and she has white…

    1. Well she should have not got that black dick.
      All done on a thick hairstyles in the world will not change the fact that she has a little black daughter

      1. Or he shouldn’t have slept with a white girl… it goes both ways. Obviously these two didn’t discuss how they were going to raise a child together. That’s on both of them.

        1. Considering he keeps talking about how their daughter is a beautiful mixed girl, I don’t think he minds that she is half white. So it really isn’t his problem. Also maybe they did discuss is but he wasnt too keen on raising his daughter as a white girl when she is mixed.

      1. Khali, I don’t think bipolar is the right term to use, but she’s right. That baby is going to grow up so confused, and she is going to have a lot of WHY questions for her mom. Because the way it sounds mommy dearest got caught up wanted that man now they are not together she is mad and hate black folks.

        I have one thing to say BITCH PLEASE have a sit embrace that baby for what she is let her understand that she is mixed and beautiful.

    2. I am a white girl white white and I love the way African-American woman can do their hair I think it’s really cool and it’s amazing I think it’s almost like architecture but he just won’t stop and stare at it sometimes not to be rude but just some of the braids are just so intricate and so interesting I truly like an art from this little girl should be Proud not treated the way she is but her mother that’s ridiculous

      1. Kate, I can appreciate your comment because I’m black and all I see is a cute hairstyle fit for a little girl rather their black or white in this case mixed. See when I read this I don’t see it’s really about the braids. She’s on some other stuff, and she needs to get over real quick.

        I have seen some white folks embrace braids even starting to wear them, so it’s not a black or white thing it’s a hairstyle.

    3. Amen 🙏🏿 I do totally agree with that. I have all mixed children and you better believe they know both sides but stick more to the black culture. And we are very proud of who they are. So Baby 👶 daddy just keep your daughter as close to you as you can and teach her all about her culture, without all the bickering with mom because you do not want her to hear that either.

    4. And who made the 1/8 rule up..white folks that had babies with slaves and deflected a term to cover their white behinds from what the rape of slaves produced..that way they don’t bare any responsibility of the mixed race child..white people made that up it’s not scientific research it’s ignorant reflective racism…stop believing those euro white forefathers historical info it was wrong then and now..Haaa don’t say that anymore it’s a hypothesis and quite an urban legend ..1/8 black blood makes you black..it makes you biracial..1/8 .sounds very ignorant..thanks for your support you tried..#Biracial.

  2. I am so shocked she acted that way. My daughter is mixed black and white but granted I didnt do all the beads and stuff but I did braid her hair and she wore bangs with her cute curly curls. Her Irish Dad never had a problem with her hair and nor did I when he did her hair. We both embraced both sides of her and we love all that shes made of. This article makes me sad.

    1. You say it makes you sad it makes me sick because at the end of the day she is mixed and her being in this state of denial is crazy to me. That’s why parents don’t understand why these kids grow up the way they do if you are not a positive person you is going to rub all your negative views off on your children and for this poor baby she is not going to know which way to go. She is going to try and make her mom happy just to be accepted in her household. For the dad, I’m just glad he is in his daughter’s life, but of course, the baby is going to try to fit in on the father’s side also. The dad I believe would teach her right because he talks to her not only being half black but also being half white this is who she is. I feel sorry for the kid.

      1. How do you know the child didn’t actually want bangs? I think both these parents are wrong. This child is going to have issues, not from her hair, but from her parents that refuse to coparent.

  3. You have to be very careful who you decide to have a child with. She’s obviously a racist and by her own admission cannot love the black side of her child. Therefore, she really don’t love her child. He has a very good case for filling for full custody of this child. Living with this woman will cause the child to grow up very confused and she will eventually need psychiatric help.

  4. Don’t get it twisted: the mother does not like black women, but she loves the blackness in her black man. She wants her daughter to relate only to the whiteness in her. So…yes she is a racist against the black culture. No…that can’t be…white women wear braids also. I am just as confused as she is…smh

  5. Let me break it down for this racist idiot. When you sleep with a black man and get pregnant, your baby will be black and have black hair! Get over yourself and embrace her for the black child that she is.

  6. The mom and dad both have problems. I’m mixed myself and i see two parents being ignorant fighting for their daughter to only embrace their culture. They are both guilty of doing it from the conversation I just read. Their issues are even deeper than just race.

      1. I didn’t read that the father was taking sides. He recognized both races but that white mother did not. I have 2 biracial kids and I refused to describe them as mixed because they’re not animals. I allowed my daughter to chose her hairstyle as long as it was neat I didn’t intervene with her choice. Sometimes she would want cornrows with beads and sometimes she wanted it piled high in a ponytail or rollerset. As long as it was clean neat and presentable I was cool. I’m black and my husband and I adopted them at a very young age. My concerns was not the hair but for them to accept, love and embrace both races black and white.

      2. Faith honey, reread the texts. The dad is for the full development of the child. The foul mouth mother is the one who is over the top, vulgar and racist.

      3. He makes comments about what mixed girls don’t do. How about she just be ltitle girl and do what she wants? Let her have bangs if she wants them. Let her have braids if she wants them.

    1. I don’t agree that they both have issues. He is trying to get the mother to except the fact that her child is half black in which she should have already cone to terms with when she was pregnant. A hairstyle doesn’t make a child more black or white. The mother handled this horribly!

      1. I agree with you because I have whites in my family and I live em all and I have two beautiful biracial great granddaughters who stole my heart and I’m black but both of the mothers raise their girls as black and they are loved by both families.

    2. The dad never said that, he said she is biracial ! He said she don’t do anything to the baby’s hair ! She said she don’t embrace the black part of her daughter !

  7. Please be sure and take it down before she returns to her mother because I can see this woman yanking and pulling this childs hair just to get the braids out. She will teeter on abuse just to take her pretty braids out of her hair. Sick woman.

  8. Her comments and treatment of your daughter in my eyes constitutes child abuse.

    She is not meeting the social, emotional and cultural needs of your child. In fact, by denying your child the right to fully embrace who she is, she is denying her the right to fully develop her identity, and as a result she will make your child extemely emotionally and socially disturbed. Your daughter may even grow up hating herself because of it.

    I am of mixed heritage myself. Mum is black caribbean and my Dad is white. Growing up I homestly feel that I had the best of both worlds in essence. Socially, emotionally and culturally I was able to experience sooooo much, and I feel blessed for it.

    I myself am a mainstream secondary school teacher and I work with a number of students with a variety of needs. In the past 8 years, I have worked with numerous students, mostly girls who have been raised my single minded women, that have abused their children in this way, by projecting their hateful feelings and views (usually fundamentally about the father) onto their children. The majority of these students have social, behavioural and identity issues, and the emotional effects at times can cause irreparable damage.

    Many of my students display their turmoil and emotional damage by behavioural disturbances. Some of them have a lot of anger issues, some miss use substances, some look for the love that they feel is missing in unhealthy relationships, some hate themselves so much that they have low self confidence and low self esteem / self worth, some students self harm and self injure, and others isolate themselves from anyone different to whom they are encouraged to be or identify with.

    I know what I have written may seem a bit deep or exteme, but I deal with the damage that this kind of narrow-minded upbringing can cause on a daily basis.

    Please, for the sake of your daughter’s social, emotional and mental health, please sort things out with the mother of your daughter, and if she cannot see sense and raise your child to be a well rounded young woman, who knows who she is, then do what is best for your child and go to court to obtain custody of your beautiful daughter.

    1. Totally agree with you. My dad’s side of the family is part Irish and my mom loathes Irish people. I grew up hearing my dad’s side of the family referred to as “shanty Irish pigs” (mind you, my parents are still married to each other, happily, after 44 years) and my mom telling us not to admit publicly that we are part Irish or that my dad’s side of the family is Catholic. It’s certainly not the same as the intricacies of colorism and racism this child is already experiencing at such a tender age, but when your mom hates part of your literal self, it’s hugely and permanently damaging to your self-esteem, confidence and self-view. It’s also really difficult to get past in adulthood. These things still hurt deeply and I’m 44 years old. The shame you carry through no fault of your own is beyond painful.

  9. Clearly this black man has moved on with his life and Just wants to be a great Father to his daughter. This chic wants him to want her! This is the issue. No matter what he does, she will be angry until she realizes it’s not about a relationship between her and him, it’s all about the relationships between them and the child…to me, her response screams scorned EX…

  10. My daughter is half black and half white. Her father never expressed to me the types of styles I put in her hair. She has naturally curly hair too. My current boyfriend is also white and even he loves her hair. It’s a shame that this mother is saying this about their child. If you didn’t want to have a half black baby, you shouldn’t have laid down with a black man. It’s as simple as that

  11. She is stupid. But perhaps the problem is she didn’t want someone doing her daughters hair or braiding it that tight, and she just isn’t intelligent enough to articulate that. He decided to get her pregnant knowing she was ignorant. Now he wants to post private convos on social media.
    I braid my daughters hair. And when they were young I would have been pissed if their father had let someone else touch their hair without my permission.

  12. Ok hope you learned something black man. They really dont want you either just what you possess betreten your legs. Now that Child is going to pay the Price for your Obsession with there women.

  13. Yes both my husband and read your story and we feel bad for the dad and she’s a bish for thinking like that little do she know she’s pushing her daughter to embrace black culture her self when she gets older she going to probably have a black man as her boyfriend one day she’s going to suffer more than just a hair style she’s going to suffer cause her daughters going to see her moms true colors and probably want to stay with her dad ……. She’s messing up her and daughters bond and dad and daughter will become closer #momsastupidchick

  14. Shame, shame on u mom!!! U want a black man, but not a black baby! SHAME ON U! I bet u don’t even like or luv ur mixed black n white daughter do u?!? Maybe u dont like or luv ur self! Poor baby might grow up a confused lil girl, let alone all the hatred that comes along the way from others! Better think about what ur doin to ur daughter mom! I’m a black n white mixed girl who knows best at bn talkd about from other kids that I lived around whether or not I’m black or white! Kids can b cruel n mom ur adding to the flame!

    1. Whether she likes her/ don’t like it at the end of the day, its about this child having a positive outlook on her Black side of her heritage.

      To tell your ex ” that she never had to embrace that side ” ( referring to the Black side) or not wanting her daughter to look ” too Black” is a problem. Yes,I will agree,when the child is of age ,she should have the right to get hairstyles that she may/ may not like, but when you tell a little girl that something is wrong with her braids because its too Black..you’re not only telling her that she isn’t pretty but you’re saying that something is wrong with her because she is Black.

      Everything begins in youth and if you start off raising your kid the way thee mother is nine times ten,your child will develop some self hate issues . This is pretty much why people are up and arms against her White mother. It’s more than about hair its about her heritage.

  15. Her head looked like a turkey though. Thanks dad looks real nice. Keep it up dad so she has confidence in herself as she grows up.

    1. THAT comment was upsetting to you? meanwhile, the mother spews hateful anti-black comments about her own daughter? But “hair like a turkey” makes him a shitty dad?!

    2. Why doesn’t the fact that the mother says she will not embrace the kid’s black hair texture or the black half of the child’s DNA…., bother u? #racistmuch #onesidedmuch
      A lot of white women with mixed children don’t have proper knowledge about their child’s hair or skin. They need to get informed… IT’S soooooo sad

  16. Her name is Samantha Elizabeth and she lives in New Castle, Delaware. She is also a Men’s Department Supervisor at Kohl’s. I for one will NOT be patronizing that establishment so long as that racist hateful maggot is working there.

  17. It seems like the mother is angry because the black D has been cut off, he no longer wants her so she’s picking fights about the child’s hair. Poor baby is stuck in the middle.

    1. This is so sad .My heart goes out for this child . When will people ever change. You can’t say you love your daughter when you can’t even embrace the whole child .You only love the half that’s like you . Do you realize what you are telling your daughter .I don’t know you all but my prayers will be that this child will make it through this loving her self because it was God who made her .And when it’s all over her will do the separating. Good and evil . Dad is pray that you stand up and be strong teach your child to love herself and others no matter what the hair do is

  18. It’s very important to get to know the person your with before you start having kids. It’s very important that both parents are on the same page especially in a interracial relationship. I’m sorry but poor Miss White Lady. Maybe you should’ve thought about this before opening your legs up to a black man. Accept the fact that your daughter will be viewed as a black little girl. Yes I do have 2 beautiful biracial kids.

  19. She hooked up with a black man, what was she expecting? I hope she will love her child no matter what she looks like. She needs prayers, and her daughter also, so her daughter will not grow up wth that complex of feeling unattractive.

  20. This is so sad .My heart goes out for this child . When will people ever change. You can’t say you love your daughter when you can’t even embrace the whole child .You only love the half that’s like you . Do you realize what you are telling your daughter .I don’t know you all but my prayers will be that this child will make it through this loving her self because it was God who made her .And when it’s all over her will do the separating. Good and evil . Dad is pray that you stand up and be strong teach your child to love herself and others no matter what the hair do is

  21. I’ve seen this time and time again. They don’t like black people they like black dick. And as soon as the baby comes the true colours show. Sigh

  22. Baby momma is upset that another woman did her daughters hair, possibly a black woman did her hair. The baby momma is gonna push baby girl away and confuse her. She’s going to make her not like herself as she will already have issues with her peers of either race.

  23. I am white my 2 bonus daughters are mixed. I have them full time due to actions that thier natural mother did, but they are brought up to kbow both sides of who they are. Hair they love having it done, me i suck at it. I am gratful for the wonderful woman on thier moms side that help me with it. This mom needs to embrace the fact that they are mix. Hell if you think about it we all are some races are white unless you are Polish and marry a pure Polish person, or Irish and mary another pure Irish. Some mixes you just can’t see.

  24. Take that child away from her!! Instead of her teaching her daughter to live both sides of herself, she is teaching her daughter to hate the black side and love the white side. If she acts like that over braids just imagine how she acts when her daughter makes her mad. She is clearly racists and a racist targets the race first. You can tell just by reading these text messages what type of person/parent/mother she is. She imagine the type of damage she is doing to that baby girl!! Seriously strip her of her parental rights before it’s too late to undo the damage the racist twat has done!! I have a gorgeous mixed baby girl. Half Hispanic half white and I teach her to love both halves of herself. I also have beautiful half black, half white Neice and nephews. Most of my family is mixed! I.e. nieces, nephews etc. You do not teach them to hate half of themselves. Ugh SMFH. I’d like to slap the shit shot out of this woman!! Seriously just take full custody of your child Nick!! If you know Sam is a racist bigot and she gets enraged over something as small and minor as braids. Like seriously just imagine how she treats that HALF BLACK baby girl when baby girl don’t clean up her mess or whatever. That child is clearly not white and has the oreo skin to prove it. She don’t have white people hair she looks more black than white so this woman is delusional and not connected with reality. She poses a threat to your child Nick!!

  25. Shame on that mother!!!! I have 2 biracial granddaughters that I love with all my heart and soul. They have a wonderful black father and a white mother that are married and raising them to love all people, not to judge or discriminate against anyone. I pray for that child and the father, but especially for the mother that God would touch her heart and change it to do what’s best for her beautiful daughter.

  26. Her problem is she can’t have the man anymore. She was more concerned about the woman that done her child’s hair. If they were still together heck she’d be trying to get hers done too. I have 4 beautiful biracial nieces. All 4 different grades of hair. So all types need to approached differently. From the looks of the picture she needed those braids and some moisturizer. It should be about healthy hair not cuteness.

  27. Here’s the thing:
    The ?Black dude thinks he is putting his ex-white baby mama on blast, but really he is putting himself on blast because why is this chick so comfortable saying this to him???
    Rescue yourself out of this
    mess you have caused for another poor “black kid”

    If not all, most Black Americans have some white in them, but we are Black.
    If this woman wanted a white child, she should have laid down with a white man and made a white child( and nothing would have been wrong with that at all).
    What kind of man lays with a woman who hates Black people and he is a Black person-proves he did not know who the freak he was sleeping with but was still willing to trust his life (STD, AIDS) and a child’s life to such an idiot!
    Exposing this, exposes you as well because why in the heck is she so comfortable with saying to you what she is saying???
    Stastically this woman has given and insight into why out of all the interracial couples , the ones with the Black man/White woman has the greatest failure rate.
    I hope this little black child they have created does not be harmed by these two people who decided for what every reason to make her.
    If you want your kid to be recognized because of you then stand up and recognized the rest of us for the percentage of white we have in our blood- my point exactly- I’m taking my 88.7% Black self to the table and sip on this tea I just spilled .
    Oh, and no offense lol .

  28. I really feel bad for that baby. The father is a confused self hating moron with a racist mother. I hope the supoort family is better than these two.

  29. I am bi-racial, I appear white, but I am proud of my heritage. This woman is racist in the worst possible way by denying her daughter the right to express her uniqueness as a human being.

  30. So, I’m confused…..it is racist when she says the braids look black, but its not racist when he says that a French braid would make her look white? or that “mixed girls” don’t have bangs….isn’t this just as bad as the mother saying white girls don’t wear braids?

  31. Honestly, I dont think this comments are Mum being racist, but more Mum being frustrated bitch. Obviously, they do not live together. obviously, it was a nasty break-up. Maybe she is single and he has a new girl in his life (I understood that through messages). She has to put him somehow down and insult him, and she reaches out to racial comments. I have seen that so often in kids having the parents being the same race – white/black/Hispanic – u name it. Sometimes Mums or Dads project the frustration because of their ex partner – on kids. Very often u ll hear comments: “Oh, she looks exactly like your mother, that evil bit*h” or “your sister thought her to behave like that”, or “she took it from your side of the family”. Anyway, this is horrible. Visit a therapist, but DO not project the frustrations on your kid!

  32. Honestly, I dont think this comments are Mum being racist, but more Mum being frustrated bitch. Obviously, they do not live together. obviously, it was a nasty break-up. Maybe she is single and he has a new girl in his life (I understood that through messages). She has to put him somehow down and insult him, and she reaches out to racial comments. I have seen that so often in kids having the parents being the same race – white/black/Hispanic – u name it. Sometimes Mums or Dads project the frustration because of their ex partner – on kids. Very often u ll hear comments: “Oh, she looks exactly like your mother, that evil bit*h” or “your sister taught her to behave like that”, or “she took it from your side of the family”. Anyway, this is horrible. Visit a therapist, but DO not project the frustrations on your kid!
    Dolores recently posted…nonidentity. 63My Profile

  33. I have 2 mixed race little girls I cannot braid but do plat their hair and French platt. Occasionally their Aunty braids their hair, she has a Afro salon. My youngest 5 doesn’t care what style you do her hair but my eldest 8 associates the braids with been an uncool African thing and she’s more inclined to go for a funkier Jamaican style. She has felt like this since a young age. I live in an area which is nicknamed mixed race capital U.K. We have a strong African community and Jamaicans which are as local as the whites. There’s is more of a divide between these than there is the white/ black thing and my daughter is well aware of it. As a white growing up here I never really gave it any thought but I have 2 close friends 1 Jamaican and 1 Nigerian and when my daughter mentions the whole braid thing they do realise that it’s a uncool thing Within our area. So possibly this mother sees it like this too. As I work long hours my girls are forced the endure Auntys styles for my benefit but it definitely leaves them unpopular with British born black and white girls and they have had comments which in turns effects their friendships with the British because they are after all British girls.

  34. Could be …..but I know alot of biracial adults who are anti-black bc their racist white mothers saw them as being more white. White women agreed to having biracial kids not black children.

  35. I am so disgusted with that mom. I am a “white” woman who is married to a “black” man with two daughters. I really hate using these color terms as I don’t define people by color, but by their character. When I look at my girls I don’t see color. I see two beautiful girls who have great hearts and bright minds. They both have totally different hair textures and it is so much fun to have their hair done. I have taken it upon my self to learn the ways of doing their hair and learned all the different products they need. Trust me they both need totally different ones. Yet I have done same hair styles on them, from Rasta braids to regular pony tales. And not because they should “fit in” somewhere, but because they both love looking cute and like what’s in style. I tell my girls every day to not let anyone judge them, tell them that they don’t fit in or can’t do things because of who they are. But to always embrace who they are, how great they are and with their heart and soul in it. They can accomplish anything. They also know, that they are first and foremost Humans and do not belong in a race. God does not see them as a color, he sees their heart and what’s in it. I don’t understand what the hell is wrong with Americans sometime. Wake up, smell the coffee….it is 2017 and it’s time we talk about this so we can move on and understand that we all bleed the same and breath the same………

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