Rumor: Kirk of LHH Has a 4-month Old Side Baby and I’m Glad

Okay, that title is click-bait. I own it. I’ m not glad he has a side-baby (if it’s even true.) But I am glad that rumor has it that the side-baby storyline will be played out on the show.


First things first:

Here’s the full report according to Funky Dineva

The People say Kirk Frost done slipped off and had a baby with another woman. According to the source that gave me ALL THE TEA, the baby is now 4 months old. We can expect to see Kirk’s side chick/ baby mama on the show. We can also expect to see the sidechick’s mama on the show too. Filming for the the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta started about 2 months ago. The camera’s were rolling just in time to catch Rasheeda’s reaction to this heartbreaking news. According to the person who told me all of this, Rasheeda tried to take Kirk’s head off when she found out about all of this.

The People say that the baby mamma doesn’t look like anything. They say she isn’t cute, has a bad body, and is tired as all outdoors….Let me say this, the person who told me all of this is on the inside and has been there since day one. I don’t see this person telling all of what they did on the off chance that I could come back and cuss their ass the hell out for it being a lie. Unfortunately, this is one of those situations where I wish/hope it is a lie.

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For the sake of this blog post we’re going to proceed under the premise that this rumor is true, and that the details will, in fact, be revealed to us on the next season of Love and Hop Atlanta.

Now, let’s get to why I’m glad.

Well first, let me say why I’m not glad. I’m not glad that a black woman (or any woman) is about to be humiliated by he  man on TV. I’m also not glad that this may, indeed, break up their family.

That aside, I’m glad for a storyline wherein we see the consequences of sticking with a lying, sack of sh$t, man. On almost every single one of these shows we see women romanticizing what it means to stay with someone who has proven himself to untrustworthy. Erika did it with Scrappy, Emily B stayed with Fab despite crying on the show about how he dogged her out, Dutchess of Ink got back together with Cesar after he cheated, and just last week Tammy Rivera was talking about how women who leave their cheating men are “weak” (read about it here).


I’m all for the fun and drama of reality shows. It’s not that deep for me because I’m an adult and I know real reality. The danger here is for the teens and tweens who don’t know the difference. Kids who watch these fools every week and buy into whatever they are selling. I will always have much respect for Evelyn Lozada for not getting back together with Chad Ocho Cinco after he physically assaulted her.  I was glad because I didn’t want to see her become another statistic, but I was also glad that she set an example for her own daughter and all of the other young peopled who look up to her.


Reality TV is a relatively easy check for these people, and I’m sure their families are all clued into what’s real and what’s fake, but their young fans aren’t. So, I’m glad that this storyline might play out on the show because it’s high time we highlight the reality of what it means to “stick by your man.”


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