PopSugar Dragged to Hell For Video Claiming Asian Models Were Excluded From Natural Hair Movement

No, that title is not clickbait. It actually happened. The folks over at Popsugar beauty released a video last week claiming that Asian models were excluded from having their natural hair celebrated during the Victoria Secret Fashion show.



Watch the video here:

And folks weren’t even trying to hear it:
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Listen, I’m not going to claim that Asians aren’t excluded from stuff or discriminated against, however, I’ve never heard of an Asian woman being fired or thrown out of school due to her hair. The fact that hair, in our community, symbolizes far more than beauty, isn’t news.

But more than that, I want to know about the people or person who made this video. I have questions:

  • Was it one person who came up with the concept and produced the video?

  • Did they have to run it by someone senior to them?

  • When the person was doing the voiceover was she just reading from a script, or was she hearing the words coming out of her mouth and believing them?

  • Did someone else write the script? Does the script writer have a manager?

  • Does this manager have a brain?

  • Does Popsugar have a black woman with natural hair on staff?

  • Did anyone run this video by her?

  • Was she (as many of us are) so happy to have a damn job that she agreed with it just to be appeasing?

  • Does Popsugar make it a habit of employing the dumbest of the dumb?

  • Did they put out a job ad and specifically request candidates who lacked any semblance of cultural awareness or sensitivity?

  •  Seriously, I expect this kind of stupid from randoms, but Popsugar? Is money that tight that you had to make up a whole struggle, and do so at the expense of black women?



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