NFL Cheerleader Forgives The High School Student Who Called Her a N*gger

I know first-hand the power of forgiveness.  Staying mad doesn’t solve anybody’s problems. That being said, I find it troubling that whenever we are victimized, we are always called upon to be forgiving and accepting of the behavior.

Here’s the thing, I’m okay with forgiving people on a personal level. However, why can’t anybody ever say, “Listen, I’m not going to harbor any ill-will towards so-and-so, but this behavior is unacceptable and I hope so-and-so is held accountable for his actions.”  Why are we always so much more concerned about their feelings than what their actions do to our people as a whole? I think it’s perfectly acceptable to say, “This isn’t okay.”

Just last week, the black man who was punched in the face at a Trump rally hugged his attacker and vowed to help bring this country together. And notice, the man who got punched in the face is the one who leaned in for the hug.

Watch it here:

This happened right around the time a high school student posed for a picture with an Indianapolis Colts cheerleader, and then posted the image with this caption to his SnapChat:

The NFL team’s cheerleaders visited Western High School to talk about blood donation.

After the photo went viral both the student and the school issued public apologies:

Perhaps he issued another apology wherein he specifically apologized to the cheerleader, but the above apology, for me, seems to address the public embarrassment without really addressing the injury done to the cheerleader.

She forgave him anyway.

“I really  have to commend my parents. They prepared me for this. No matter how people treat you, you’re to alway show kindness….It’s just an act of ignorance. He’s a kid and he made a mistake..It was just in my nature to forgive him, and pray for him, automatically.”


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  1. She’s certainly better than me because he is not a kid, he’s old enough to know right from wrong, and should be hold accountable for his actions. No one apologizes for their transgressions towards us, it’s about time we stop taking the high road, and hold these crackers accountable!

  2. We are waaay more forgiving towards white people than our own people,why? Could it be the ever present mental conditioning onto our psyche for many years to look pass white people’s terrible actions against and suck it up?…I say yes, yes!. What would happen if the cheereader never said anything remotely close to forgiving him?.. since, I don’t recall reading that the high school student asked for forgiveness, so why did she feel so compelled to express her obviously unwanted forgiveness.she should be ashamed of herself for looking like a sucker ijs…. and that weak brother that got punched by trump supporter wtf? If the police won’t help then we must help ourselves. It’s not about taking the high road cause remember ,there is. No. ROAD.

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