Porsche Thomas Claps Back At Internet Trolls Who Say Her Pregnant Belly “Is Too Black”

When I first saw Porsche Thomas’s pregnant belly I totally meant to post about it because it was so so perfect. FYI, Porsche is daughter to Reality TV Star, Peter Thomas.

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In any event, I intended to revisit the topic today when I saw a post on Bossip revealing the nasty things folks have been saying about her pregnant belly.

The gorgeous mom-to-be is pregnant with twins and has been sharing images of her growing baby-bump all over her Instagram account HERE.

But folks couldn’t just wish her well. Some had to comment on her darkened belly (which, btw, is perfectly normal, as hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy can cause all kinds of skin changes):


To which Porsche replied:

While some of y’all been in my comments criticizing the blackness that is my belly and me during what shoulda been your holiday cheer, I been over here enjoying life, growing tiny humans, performing miracles and hopefully getting even blacker


Her husband, btw,  is clearly unbothered by his wife’s blackness:


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    1. Self haters. Isn’t it ironic how a Caucasian can see the beauty in her complexion more than the people who carry that skin tone. I’m almost sure the women who criticize have nasty stretch marks and wrinkle skin on their trunk.

      1. Are you a nurse or medical professional? Just asking because you used the word trunk in reference to the midsection….

  1. Amazing couple. I wish them happiness and everlasting love.. oh yes more babies please😜 to piss them off even more..

  2. Any woman who creates life is a MIRACLE MAKER! Porsche you are the real Wonder Woman! You look stunning! Keep shining!

  3. When I seen her I immediately noticed that her skin looks smooth, chocolaty and dang near edible. Which is exactly how I described her daddy (my own mini chocolate drop heard this description and appreciated his own skin that much more). Then I thought, it’s so nice to see a pregnant lady wearing a bikini because me and my big belly got some looks when I rocked Vicki’s at 8 months pregnant. That’s all I could see, beautiful chocolate skin and a sexy extremely pregnant woman.

  4. This is a beautiful mom with a beautiful body. I’m so glad she’s not bothered by ignorance! I carried twins, same thing happened to me as with most women, it’s hormonal. I had a neighbor tell me how she couldn’t believe how black I was. Really? Ignorance! Today me twins are beautiful 17 year old blessings!

  5. People hide behind their keyboards and attack with nasty words. She is in one of the most beautiful stages of womanhood and that is becoming a mother. She glows and get belly is just perfect.

  6. It’s sad that this is even being discussed! People wake up and realize that you need to keep those ignorant remarks in your own mind. Then spend quality time with yourselves to learn to walk, talk and think good thoughts. Enough already!

  7. Like Really…. Wth is the color of her Belly supposed to be white…. Her belly is the color if her skin.. Geeesh!!! It shouldn’t matter anyways…..

  8. All the mean comments is because they hate their blackness and themselves. She is beautiful and blessing to be pregnant . Congrats mom!!!👍🏾💜

  9. She’s absolutely beautiful, flawless. She’s sharing an intimate moment of her babies developing in her stomach with the world. Not everyone looks that good during pregnancy so I can see why people would be opinionated. I don’t agree with negativity, keep that ALL to yourself. Black IS beautiful, amazing, awesome, wonderful! Life is great so let her be her.

  10. Black people hating on a BLACK girl and she’s being LOVED AND IMPREGNATED by a white man! How stupid, ignorant and ironic is that? Black people YOU set yourselves back and make all the evil racist things whites have said irrelevant because you hate your own!

  11. Her belly is sun-kissed an she has very beautiful skin people always got alot to say but never show they self an why is that because they look nasty she is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  12. You are beautiful and these people have nothing better to do. Enjoy your blessings as you should all these ignorant people don’t pay your bills, and are about as dumb as they sound criticizing black Beauty with little miracles.

  13. Congrlatulations mom and dad with your two beautiful gifts from God. Everything on earth, above and under and in heaven are all created by the Almighty God. What He has created is good, He said. So are black , green, white or whatever color of skin. He has created all for His glory with a specific purpose. Give no excuses for how your God has created you. Your black belly is the sign of the lives that you and your wonderful husband have created together thanks to our Lord and Savior. Enjoy life! Continue to be beautiful inside out. You are blessed❤👍👍

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