Racists Are Big Mad This Woman Won The Miss Helsinki Pageant

It’s 2017 and still Blackness remains and affront to the majority. While many of us have taken the reigns to change the current narrative around what is beautiful (like this woman in THIS POST), many people still believe in, and uphold the European standard of beauty.

Sephora Ikalaba

If you believed racism to be an American problem you were sadly mistaken. 19-year old Sephora Ikalaba is the winner of Finland’s Miss Helsinski Pageant, however, many white, Twitter-happy Finns, are outraged by her win.

Sephora Ikalaba-miss-helsinki


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Take a look at some of the trending comments on Twitter under the hashtag #misshelsinki:
Sephora Ikalaba

Sephora Ikalaba

Sephora Ikalaba Sephora Ikalaba

Sephora Ikalaba-miss-helsinki Sephora Ikalaba-miss-helsinki Sephora Ikalaba-miss-helsinki Sephora Ikalaba-miss-helsinkiAnyone else, not-so-surprised?

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  1. This is disgusting, disturbing, but, sadly, not surprising. I’m very disappointed, not only that so many people reacted this way, but that so few denounced this type of behavior. While I’ve seen some progress in my lifetime, humanity has so much work to do. 🙁

  2. I’m not racist at all. There are some amazingly beautiful black women in this world. We had a black Miss Italy that was stunningly charming and I still have a crush on her. The issue here is that this Miss Helsinky is not as good looking as a Miss should be. In a beauty contest, beauty matters more than skin pigmentation. Some of her competitors were actually better.

    1. It is not racist at all. I am African and I would be pissed if I were European. Imagine a Eurooean woman being crowned Miss Kampala for example. No it is not acceptable and should not be acceptable. Even if she was good looking, she is still African and not the face of Finland. Just like a Finnish woman is not the face of Uganda.

      1. Well, you Ari actually rasist. And top pretending you are African. I know you finns very well. You are f…ing racists starting from your beloved hallo-aho.
        I am not surprised, you are offending a winner as you and people like you were offending miss Finland. That girl is Finn. She is Finnish citizenship, so, I suggest you to be quiet.

  3. So what you’re telling me is that you could win by being beautiful but dumb as f*** . a pageant is not based on looks alone. I’m glad she won. Haters need to get a life.

  4. We had black Miss Finland in 1996 that nobody complained about. Unlike this girl, she was actually stunning and people still love her.

    This is not about her skin color, it’s about her face. Another black girl won Miss Helsinki couple of years ago and didn’t get similar hate. Miss Helsinki is a small competition run by Finnish b-class celebrity who is famous for fu’**ing a Finnish football/soccer player. I don’t even understand why this always hits the news since people can’t vote who will win it. The whole competition is a joke and usually someone with foreign origins either wins or takes one or two of the other titles. Winner gets a plastic surgery gift-card which tells a lot about the nature of this trashy competition. (In Miss Finland, all kinds of plastic surgery and injections are forbidden.)

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