Let’s Discuss: This Top Beauty Vlogger Is Being Dragged For This Video.

Let me preface this post by declaring that I am a Destiny Godley Stan. Short of killing a puppy via Facebook Live, there isn’t a whole lot she could do that would cause me to stop following and watching. I’ve learned a lot from her, not only as a makeup junkie, but as a content creator. She is one of the first Black beauty vloggers I watched, and she will always be one of my favs.

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That being said, folks are pretty upset about this video posted to her channel on January 1:

Here’s Why Folks Are Mad

People feel that the thumbnail image is deceiving in that when you actually watch the video, Godley doesn’t seem to have the skin condition advertised in the thumbnail.

One user commented:

To which Godley replied:

Some of her viewers weren’t so thrilled by this response:

Others defended her:

Whether or not you agree with Godley’s methods, the proof is in the pudding.

Take a look at the views on the video in question in relation to her other videos. Bare in mind, the quality of the content in all of these videos is the same.

Clickbait isn’t new, and frankly it’s become a necessary evil for content creators. Take it from me; I’ve been creating videos on my channel (HERE) for almost 5 years, and get a sprinkle of views here there. I’ve got 22,000 subscribers, and I’m lucky if my videos receive 500 views. I do know, however, that if I were more creative with my thumbnails and titles I would probably get more views. I certainly know that to be the case here on the blog. People respond to drama. They feed off of it. So the more dramatic the thumbnails and titles, the more views.

Content creation is fun, exciting, and creative, but it is also grueling. It is, by far, the most labor intensive job I’ve ever had. And if you want to keep the dream alive while simultaneously keeping food on the table, sometimes you have to bend the rules a bit. I ain’t mad at Destiny because she delivers: she teaches dark skin women how to apply makeup beautifully and flawlessly. Where’s the harm in that?

What do you think? Would a thumbnail like this force you to stop following your fav vlogger?
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  1. I watch Destiny faithfully. She is one of my favorite MUA’s on youtube. I watch all her videos, I was surprised to see the thumbnail, since she has pretty amazing skin. I do however get why she did what she did. Will I unfollow her? Nope. I understand that a lot of youtuber’s views have been low and I just feel that she was trying a different approach to see if she could get more views. This isn’t new lol. With that said, I do think she should get a little more creative with marketing her videos on youtube if she wants to stand out, because if she does continue to do this, it might be a little off putting to viewers.

  2. I think a mistake was made in maybe a picture posted thinking the woman on the left was her…. IM just throwing that out there from left field… I mean there are some individuals that can go for your universal twin, who knows… I get mistaken for another sometimes quite often….ive never seen her before so im speculating
    She slays her make up tho’

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