#MACsowhite: MAC Cosmetics Doesn’t Include a SINGLE Black Influencer In Their Latest Global Collaboration

Yet again, we have another cosmetics brand that thinks exclusion is A-okay. Last week, in this post HERE, I shared a response from NYX cosmetics about their decision to exclude darker skin women from trying their new foundation at Ulta Beauty. This week, many a black beauty-lover is outraged that our beloved Mac cosmetics, known for consistently creating high quality products for men and women of all shades, has become yet another brand to exclude us.

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Yesterday, it was announced that MAC has selected 10 global beauty influencers for a product launch this spring. According to reports, the influencers will each create and market their own MAC lipstick. The trouble, however, is they didn’t choose a single influencer of African descent. In fact, the only woman of color selected is Blogger, Fouz Al Fahad, of the Middle East.  Take a look at the bloggers who made the cut for this #macsowhite campaign:

Fouz Al Fahad 


 Gabriel Zamora (United States)


Lar Lar Lee (United States)


Fleur De Force (United Kingdom)



Alessandra Steinhgrr (United Kingdom)


Samantha Ravndahl (Canada)


Vic Ceridono (Brazil) mac-blogger-collaboration

Enjoy Phoenix (France)


Caroline Daur (Germany)


Nikkia Joy (Australia)


I take a lot of heat for writing about these topics. The simple solution for most is to just buy Black, which we can and should (See HERE for options). But I also think there is power in calling these brands out. What we do after well call them out is up to us, but they still need to be told.

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  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly… I only buy their lipsticks but no problem yo ho else were…
    Thznks for the info….👏🏽👏🏽

  2. Love Nikkia Joy’s advice even though she’s not black. We always get left out. No need complaining about it. Let’s focus on supporting our own. Big endorsement deals will help any influencer but supporting black cosmetic lines will be awesome. I myself rarely wear makeup because I don’t need it. If I want to play around with it I will. I love my Glogirl cosmetics out of Oakland, ca. Their lip colors are amazing. Hella ratchet and backyard boogie look great together.

  3. I remember when Mac was marketed to women of color… to compete with brands like Fashion fair……
    I like Mac but they have been using more of a global approach now for at least a decade. They are now even including men so its not shocking at all. Arent you kind of tired of always having to look at yourself through other peoples lenses anyway… Marketing campaigns now a days are not authentic.

  4. I guess it’s easy to forget that MAC had foundation shades for black women when nobody else did, and that RuPaul was vamping it up for Viva Glam when most of these tryhards were in diapers (or before). MAC was POC-friendly and LGBTQx-friendly WAY before many of us were born! Sorry but I’m not buying in to this particular invented outrage.

    1. of course it is. this is my blog. My name is Lisa. the blog is called lisaalamode. I pay for the domain. I pay for the hosting. Glad you stopped by, but I’m not sure why you expected the owner and operator of this blog to NOT share her own views on her own platform. If this were YOUR blog, I’m sure you’d share a viewpoint that was biased as well.

  5. While it is disappointing (and so glaring! no black influencers and no asian influencers either? two biggest markets? smh) I’m not pulling out the pitchfork yet. MAC as you said yourself has been looking out for us black girls a long time. One bad campaign is not enough for me to forsake the fact they consistently made quality products for my darker dark skin. And tbh? this campaign sounds like nothing. Meaning that it sounds like a quick cash in on instagram youngsters that won’t get anywhere. I’m less annoyed for myself, because idgaf about some influencer, and more the girl or guy that could’ve gotten it. But ultimately it’s whatever. If they started really excluding us, as in in-store and ads, then they can go.

    1. That’s fair. I think, for me, this campaign just seems bizarre for them. They have always been pretty inclusive, so this miss is odd. I wonder who signed off on it.

  6. I have a correction. Middle Eastern people are Caucasian, they are not POC. So this campaign has no people of color. How do you have a global campaign without an Asian or African person? Asians and Africans make up the majority of the human population. This is such a slap in the face!

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