This Black Woman Exposes Her Child Molester Step-Dad And Her Mother Who Enables Him In This Epic Facebook Post

I have declared 2017 to be my year of truth. The year in which I use this blog to bring you the truth as I know it. These truths will mostly speak to a black female audience, as I am a black woman. However, my hope is that my posts simply reach an audience that is willing to listen.

That being said, this is, by far, one of the most difficult posts for me to share. However, it’s too powerful to not be shared more broadly. I have chosen to conceal the name of the poster, as well as the faces of the people she accuses as a safety precaution, however the screenshots below, tell it all.

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The woman, who shall remain nameless, alleges that her Step-Father, a middle-school math teacher and veteran, is a serial adulterer and a pedophile.

She begins the post by sharing a throw back photo of her still-married parents, and follows with the this caption:

The unabashed bravery this woman has shown by not only sharing her truth, but also naming names is nothing short of commendable. Others, however, didn’t see it that way:

Overall I found the comment section to be long and exhausting. While the OP had plenty of support for speaking loudly and fearlessly, the comments were also filled with people who know the accused and demand that that the accussor show proof of the abuse. These comments, of course,  speak volumes about the way in which victims of sexual assault are treated. If you were silent then, even if you were a child, you must always remain silent, as speaking is almost always met with skepticism.

I’m sharing this post because it is raw and unfiltered. We tip-toe around sexual violence far too frequently. We refuse to accept the word of the victim because they are often women, and patriarchy has taught us that women are not to be trusted. Calling us “fast”, while asserting that “boys will be boys.” Meanwhile, statistics repeatedly show that the vast majority of these kinds of allegations are indeed true.

I want to hear from you. Share your thoughts below!

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  1. I know it’s very hard to expose ourselves for many reasons but we cannot continue to let our abusers go unpunished. Don’t be afraid you are not alone. When YOU are ready, free yourself and tell your story. I know I am a victim too. Blessings.

    1. I think you misunderstood the post. I am not the victim here. I am the writer of this blog. I am simply sharing another woman’s story.

  2. It’s been going on for too long. I’m 60. I endured it for years as a child, family members and friends. It follows you forever in every aspect of your life. Speak of it. I told my Mom at 12. She kicked me out. I believe she knew and didn’t want others to know. The church, friends, etc. Seek counseling and talk about it. It will help you to understand your strengths and how you have used tools to protect yourself to get to where you are now. A survivor. Grace and Blessings to you.

    1. I’m sorry this happened to you! But this isn’t my story. this didn’t happen to me. i am sharing another woman’s story from her post on facebook. I’m not sure why folks are commenting to me. i’m just sharing information. Again, THIS IS NOT MY POST.

  3. Sad truth, but there is no statute of limitations on child abuse! She needs to go to the police. These sickos have been getting away with it too long!!

  4. I saw the post happen it real time. I saw posts accusing the OP of being ungrateful because he took care of her…wtf kinda sickness do these people have that a girl should be grateful to her abuser because he provided a home and material things for her…Is her innocence/childhood the price to pay for that? These poor babies growing up with less care and concern than fake songs give puppies.

  5. I’ve experienced sexual abuse from my mom and dad’s sides of the family all before I was the age of 10. I’m 29 now and keep my distance from family most of the time. I feel I can’t trust my family at all because of the physical, verbal, and emotional abuse. At the same time I still care about them. This girl is very strong. I wasn’t vocal about my abuse by family until a few years ago. People will always judge but only we know our truth. I can’t understand why family will protect family when they’re committing crimes against family. Everyone wants to know about it but they don’t want to do anything about it. It’s crazy.

  6. I was molested by my auntie husband to be at the time. He is now a pastor of the same church I grew up in… I remember I made a statement saying I might expose him but I was afraid none of my family members would believe me because I was the black sheep of the family and he New that. That’s why he preyed on me an went for the kill

  7. It’s very disheartening when an accuser is attacked for coming forward with truth. For this is the very reason victims of sexual abuse keep hidden secrets. I have lived with and have a sister who has suffered daily from being abused by a family member before becoming school aged. She is now well into her thirties and has just revealed this truth to our mother. I’m sure no one in our family would ever think this man (pediphile) could be capable of such a thing. I know first hand what he’s capable of. I pray people would support victims when they come forth and question not the victim but the accused.

  8. Hi Lisa,

    This story hits home! My mother is also STILL married to the man who molested me when I was 17 (my “step-father”). This man, who I had know since I was 10 years old and who, without a doubt, knew I was raped by a friend’s step-dad during a sleepover at the age of 13, still decided to act on his perverse desire. Not long after it happened, I confided in my sister and she informed my mother. My mother said, “I don’t think he would do something like that.” As if she thought I was capable of lying about “something like that”. To this day, they’re still married. He’s 11 years her senior (a senior citizen with a host of ailments: diabetes, gout, high blood pressure, you name it), her, doing back-breaking work as a caregiver at an assisted living facility (only to have to come home to start her second job as a caretaker to her senior citizen husband). I love my mom and sometimes I feel bad about her current predicament but then I think, “well, you made your bed hard, now you have to lie in it.”

  9. The fact she was able to list all of this, in detail, knowing it can be found out of one took the time to ask questions is proof. This is so detailed it’s not even funny and for those that think it’s ok because he took care of her can kill themselves. And for those he bashed her, I hope it never happens to someone they love.

  10. its not just that, those that know for sure that this went on will still deny it leaving the abused to suffer alone , while they make best friends with the abuser allowing him/her to abuse others. They know.

  11. We have to stop tip toeing around rape and sexual assault like they’re curse words that will get us dirty if we use them or confront their existence!

    And we have to stop attacking victims for speaking out; their assailants have already done that, and they don’t need to be attacked any more by anyone else. “Innocent until proven guilty” for the alleged does NOT make the brave soul that speaks out about their violation guilty until proven innocent,… but too often society puts the wounded on trial quicker & much more intensely than it does the wounder.

    Don’t turn away. Don’t close your eyes or turn your head in the face of sexual violence. Support people who are brave enough to step forward and speak the unspeakable. It’s not easy, even if your bravery spares another from falling victim to a pedophile.

    Your body’s your home — and nobody has the right to trespass it.

  12. I just went through this with my x of 7 years. He was molesting my daughter for 2 years and she told me in October. We have done everything to get him prosecuted and he has 3 active warrants and still roams feee out in Florida in the Tampa area to be able to molest another lil girl! Police ha e his location and still nothing. His sister and his mother are protecting him and called us liars. My daughter has a 2 year developmental delay and is docile. For this reason I think he preyed on her. Would like some help getting him apprehended!

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