#FauxDeep Chrisette Michele Says Wearing a Basquiat Skirt Was Her Way of Speaking For Black People During the Inauguration [VIDEO]

Listen, I can’t. Part of me feels badly for her because who wants to be the target of so much discontentment? On the other hand, every time she gives an interview or provides a public statement I find myself getting mad all over again.

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Just to get you up to speed, Chrisette Michele provided an interview to BillBoard Magazine where she detailed her experience performing for Trump (Watch HERE). On why she chose to perform at the inauguration, despite the loud and public cries against the move, Chrisette Michele stated:

I’ll start by saying that I have a lot of activists, a lot of people who are Black Panthers, in my family, I’ve got a lot of people who marched, and watching these marches and watching the older people in my family have to experience [these times] was, for lack of a better word, traumatizing. I called my mom asking if she was upset by looking at [young people protesting] and I asked, ‘How devastating is it for you to have to watch this?’ And my mom almost gave me what I felt like was a blessing. She said, ‘Now it’s your turn.’ And while I was so upset that I had to have a turn to do what she already did, I took that and ran with it.

She also revealed that she didn’t get to even meet Trump:

Originally I was supposed to perform directly after his first speech, and I had done that with Barack Obama before, so I was used to that kind of experience. And the woman who organized the event came and told me, “Now you’re going to go first and he’s going to go after you.” I looked her in the eye and said, “My family has disowned me. If you decide to Google me, you’ll see that America is writing about me in their newspapers. I’m the black poster child for discord right now, and he’s not going to shake my hand?” So no, I didn’t get to meet him.

Despite all the public backlash, Chrisette Michele continues to defend her decision. She believes her performance was an show of political activism, further highlighted by the fact that she chose to wear a skirt featuring the artwork of Haitian-American Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.


Did you listen? Did you listen? Did you see my Basquiat skirt?…I am an artist, I wasn’t given a microphone to be a speaker. So, I wore a Basquiat there. And on my Basquiat skirt… showed us being hung, showed us being beaten by police, showed the brutality and nobody listened. You didn’t listen.

Skip to 13:12 to listen to her address how the Basquiat skirt was her way of taking a stand:



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  1. She kills me. I am so disappointed in her, not only as an artist but as a woman. I know a lot of people weren’t familiar with her like that, but I was a fan of her music. She has a very unique voice that I’ve always liked. But for her to ACT like Black America is wrong because we didn’t LOOK AT HER SKIRT or agree with her Instagram rants/poetry/whatever. Girl, Bye!

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