Fat-Shamed Model Who Was Scouted by Zendaya Apologizes For Her Own Offensive Tweets About Black Women


Earlier today I reported that after being fat-shamed on twitter, this woman had landed a modeling contract with Zendaya.

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Click HERE to read the article.

Unfortunately, she’s come under fire for some tweets she issued in 2013 and 2014. Take a look:

Earlier today, the model acknowledged the tweets and issued an apology of sorts. Take a look:

Here’s my thing. Nobody is going to stay mad at the stupid things folks say and do when they are kids. At least I won’t. I do, however, have a problem when as adults we play the victim when we have caused offense. It’s clear that somebody doesn’t want to see this model win, and I’d hate for her to lose her modeling opportunity over these tweets. That being said, I would like her to  issue a true apology. A true apology is an acknowledgement of wrong doing followed by a simple, “Im sorry.” Not, “I’m sorry, if” or a shaming of folks who don’t want to “move along.”


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  1. She said she was light skinned and not black and from what I’ve read has a vinom dislike and discord towards black women fastforward 3 years now she saying she is a black woman ????? Which is it are you negra or not? Reminds me of that house negro syndrome. Queen syndrome…..I’s negra!! Now you need your fellow negroes because you know damn well who the biggest consumers are and they aint light skinned and not black! You need to grow some more and syndicate a real deep heart felt apology to all black women. What is all this colorizm shit….black women are the beginning we can have every color of babies. We come in all colors, we are a unique race but you wouldn’t know that because you’re not black right?

  2. She wants to play the victim because of her ignorance is still in her half ass apology…without makeup she just like others…I wish we as black women would stop the light skin dark skin crap….black is beautiful period…

  3. She wants to play the victim because of her ignorance and it is still in her apology…I wish we as black women would stop the light skin dark skin crap….black is beautiful period…

  4. An apology, that was not. She is still young, so hopefully, if she continues on her modeling path, they will provide her an opportunity to do some damage control. or receive positive PR. This wasn’t it. As a big girl, I love seeing plus size women win. Her insecurities seemed to have played a part in her disdain for dark women, early on. Hopefully she’s working on or has resolved that.

  5. The problem with this is it go’s both ways. The person she was arguing with hit a low blow then she processed with a low blow, not saying either comments were right but this happens especially in high school, you clap back to protect yourself from the haters… It’s not good to deal with it that way but I know the feeling.

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