#NotTodaySatan: White Woman Claims She Experienced “Blatant Racism” In Atlanta

“Gaming” Youtube Vlogger, Zoie Burgher, posted the following video on your twitter account wherein she detailed experiencing racism as a white woman. Watch the video and you be the judge:

So apparently, because she broke the rules and was reprimanded, she experienced racism? Friends, weigh in here, cuz I can’t today. Not today, Satan.

Oh, and she goes into more detail in this video HERE

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  1. She doesn’t know racism so she is just over reacting because she felt disrespected due to the “black that wasn’t even with them ” and the police offerer referred to each other as brother. She under tone says the police was black. Let’s not also forget and she was in Atlanta. She made that clear.
    Maybe she would have felt better if the officer said It’s okay sista.

  2. Girl BYE! If you think that is racism… Then that’s proff that you have NO IDEA what racism is.
    You were wrong and are upset that he didn’t tell you that with a smile. He used slang to greet his bruthah… and said it using a less aggressive tone and you’re mad… GET OVER YOURSELF!!! Please, get over yourself!

  3. She obviously has NO ideas what racism looks like. She’s just pissed because a black officer told her what to do. So, if he was white and said “brother” as some white men do, would it have been a problem. She’s stupid, out-of-touch and melodramatic. When the cops throw you on the ground, put a knee in your back and call you a white b**@th, get back to us.

  4. Girl boo! Get out of here with that petty little story. Apparently she doesn’t know what racism is and what it’s consist of because a cop call a man brother doesn’t qualify as racism.

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