Covergirl Is Being Dragged For Filth After Their CoverBoy Made This Comment About Africa

I was rooting for Covergirl’s first Coverboy, James Charles (aka JCharles Beauty,) In fact, I’m a HUGE Covergirl Stan due to their efforts for increased diversity. And listen, y’all know Covergirl’s Ebony Bronze Bronzer is every brown skinned girl’s go-to. A recent comment tweet by James Charles beauty, however, is threatening to undo all the work the brand has done to show tolerance and acceptance for all.

Apparently, while en route to Africa for a school Trip, James tweeted this:

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And twitter, mostly Black Twitter, wasn’t having it. Folks immediately began telling James about himself, and he didn’t seem to like it very much:

Not surprisingly, most users directed their anger at Covergirl, demanding that James be fired:

I’m going to share an unpopular opinion on this one. Y’all ready? From where I sit I see most of these comments from Black Twitter, and I get it, what he said was effed up, okay? I get it. And given his very public job, it’s surprising that he would think he could spout off this nonsense on Twitter. However, his tweet reads as typical dumb sh*t 19-year old kids say. And listen, I’m not giving him a pass. If I were, I wouldn’t be sharing this story, but I don’t think this comment makes him a racist. I just don’t. I think it makes him look stupid as hell, but I can honestly say It’s likely I would have said something just as offensive at his age. I’m just grateful that all we had when I was his age was AOL messenger.  That being said, I can also say that when I first wrote about James’s new gig as a Covergirl brand ambassador, 99.9% of the comments on my Facebook post were negative. And since my audience is mostly black women, I can say that as a whole, Black folks are not here for men wearing makeup. So real talk?  A lot of the people who are mad and want him fired, didn’t like him anyway. Didn’t like what he represented. His tweets are simply serving as ammunition for people who wanted him gone from jump.  I’m just hoping that he learns from this experience and issues a better apology, because this one ain’t doing it for me, #Dobetterjames (oh, and Africa isn’t a country):

Share your thoughts below!

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  1. He is an asshole. His age is no excuse for the comment. This also shows the negative view that many people have of Africa. @ 19 he should be wise enough not to say stupid sh#4,like that. Technology has made it easier for is to become educated . No excuse !

  2. Agree that his only fault was being young and dumb. And the majority of examples given for past racist remarks were ridiculous and a stretch to label racism.

  3. That’s exactly what I said. These young as public figures are ignorant as hell and don’t know shit. It’s like they throw who ever is popping on IG or YT in as an brand ambassador just to broaden their audience!!! Yall better school them before you hire them @CoverGirl! Yall gonna find yourselves boycotted by every Black Makeup Group on these platforms! 😔

  4. It sounded like a dumb kid sounding off or he could have been really concerned. Most black people don’t know what to expect when traveling to any country in African for the first time. It sounded stupid to me.

  5. I’m going to have to drop the Covergirl product if they don’t drop this ignorant Wannabe divaboy. He is ridiculous and shouldn’t be in the limelight with the ignorance he shows. Get rid of the racist!! He needs a wake up call. If you keep him you support him and his ignorance

  6. MOOOOOOVE I’m 19 and I’d never make any stupid as comments like this. He’s not a racist but he knows better. You are giving him a pass by saying he’s young arena stupid. 19 is not young enough for a pass. Stop.

  7. I don’t think it was racist either. The way the media portrays Africa, many believe it is a desolate place with unclothed people living with lions and on the ground dying from Ebola/HIV/Insert disease. I don’t blame him for thinking that before he got there. I’d have a problem if he said it after his trip there because then he’d know better. He is a kid and I wouldn’t expect him to know what people will take offense to all the time. I’m personally not offended by this or his other statements. I don’t think he should lose his job and agree maybe there’s more to this outrage than his actual comments.

  8. COVERGIRL should get rid of him. I couldn’t care lesss about his age. I know teenagers who know better that. Now, if, COVERGIRL doesn’t get rid of him I personally won’t be purchasing their produces anymore.

  9. Another ignorant and offensive comment on social media ruins another persons career because their real self is revealed….so sad

  10. Wrong is wrong…..I was happy to see him as the first male for Cover Girl cause he’s very talented I won’t take that from him. Now imamgine if someone would of made comments about him being homosexual callung him names, people would be in an uproar..calling that person homophobe, but we should say it’s ok because he’s young and doesn’t know any better….I say NOPE his actions should be dealt with Cover Girl should let him go and he is representing their brand. Plus he keeps making inappropriate comments and he will continue cause he feels there’s consequences to his actions.

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