Black Men Need to Shut The F*#k Up When They See Pictures Like This

Yeah I said it. And I’ll say it again. And, for the record, I see plenty of black women talking shyt about these women, too, but this one is for you fellas, you ready?

Makeup-Shaming isn’t new, and I’ve covered the topic in this video HERE, but I am beyond exhausted by the kinds of things black men say when they see pictures like so:

Folks jump to all kinds of conclusions about these women. Some of the comments include variations of the following:

  1. They hate themselves

  2. They don’t wash their faces properly

  3. They’re out here trying to fool men

  4. They eat too much candy and drink too much soda

  5. All that makeup everyday is what’s causing these skin conditions

  6. That’s why you gotta take her swimming!

  7. They must have really low self-esteem

The list goes one, but can we keep it gully for a second? I mean really gully? All the way gully? When was the last time we saw women with severe skin conditions gracing the cover of a magazine? I’ll wait. When was the last time you saw a women with this degree of hyperpigmentation running an office? Heading the school board? Doctoring patients? Take all the time you need.  I’ve got all day.

You know where we see them? Working at Walmart.

Because that’s what this society does to women who don’t look the part. And by society, I mean men. Patriarchy has decided what is beautiful, what is acceptable, and when we fall outside of that “norm,” we are shunned. When women attempt to fit that norm,  they are shunned even further for not being “natural.”

Let’s not talk about all the women who are praised for being natural, but wear JUST as much makeup as the women photographed above. If you don’t know makeup, I mean really know makeup, you shouldn’t be having a seat at the table. This is not for you.

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The reality is once you put on a full face of foundation (which is clearly necessary to cover the skin conditions they have), you almost have to go in and pick your face back up with contouring, a little blush, and some lipstick. Why? Because you’ll look dead. And once you go in with your lipstick and your blush, why not fill out your brows and throw on some eyeshadow? Why not?

Makeup washes off with soap and water. I know, it sounds crazy but it does. Furthermore, many women suffer from hormonal acne, resulting in hyperpigmentation which can take years to fade fully. What should they do in the meantime? Hide? Not put on a full face so they can be not be taken seriously and treated unkindly? Because women whose faces are deemed unattractive are damn near invisible.

Why am I specifically targeting black men with this post? Because we can’t win with y’all! Women twist themselves inside and out to fit a mold you’ve designed and yet you still tear us down left and right. Women have been blamed for the fall of man since the beginning of time, and in 2017 you all still foam at the mouth at every opportunity to rip us to shreds. Yet in the same breath want to be talking about “My Black Queen.” Y’all can kiss my entire natural black ass. Stay out of women’s business, period.  Let us live and do as we please.

Oh, and the gag is, the woman pictured in the feature image says her image was photoshopped. She posted her real picture in an online thread:

More Thoughts About The Power of Makeup Below

Sound of below!

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  1. I can’t tell you how many times some man has walked up to me in public and called me and ugly *@%$#. These were days when I wasn’t wearing any makeup and more concerned with running my errands and doing what I had to do. The days when I give all that crap a thought and put my face on, the jerks want to approach me and ask me my name. (I’m not saying a blanked statement about all men, these guys know who they are.) Men want our appearance to be pleasing to them at all times but most of them have no interest in the trouble that goes into it. When they see these ladies all made up, they will approach her and flatter her. Hypocrites.

  2. Women are Beautiful no matter what skin flaws We might have. Men are visual creatures and have no idea what criticism We all ready receive daily. Why don’t you just ask about what you don’t understand Instead of just comments on Female skin Issues. Thanks a Beautiful Black Sister.

  3. No, everyone is not beautfiul, no matter what skin flaws they have…. If you’re unattractive, then its just that, but so what!!… It’s the inside that counts. Physical beauty isn’t everything. Real people will either love you for who you are…. or not.

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