The One Thing You Have GOT To Do To Start Feeling Better About Yourself TODAY

This life ain’t easy. Let me say that one more ‘gain. This life ain’t easy. And the older you get the harder the challenges. Can I get an amen?


A few weeks ago I was feeling really down on myself. My birthday is in a few weeks and I was feeling less than accomplished. We don’t own a home, I haven’t made dent in our student loans, and JB will be four this year without a sibling. Let’s not even talk about the amount of pressure I feel as a full-time entrepreneur and blogger. While I don’t regret embarking on this journey (read about it HERE and HERE), learning how to make it all work has been one of the greatest challenges of my life.

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While I feel confident in the quality of the content I produce, and the way in which I present myself to the world, as bloggers, we routinely measure our success by 1. Followers 2. Engagement. 3. Recognition from major brands. What’s worse is that we measure these three things against our peers in the industry.

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Measuring where we are against where your peers are isn’t unique to bloggers. We all do it. Call it FOMO, call it envy, call it whatever you want, but we all do it. And there’s nothing to be gained from it. If you spend your days watching what other people are doing you will never, ever, EVER, reach your potential. Also, you’ll continue to feel bad about yourself. How can you be better and do better when you feel like shit?

Social media makes it virtually impossible to live your life without being flooded with images of people who are living the same lime but 10xs better (or so it seems.) I’ve read and written a lot about self-care, and usually the self-help books and experts tell us to take walks, go to the gym, practice yoga and meditation, all of which is great. But do you know what the single best thing I’ve done for myself in the last week that has miraculously made me feel 10xs better about myself?

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Drumroll please…..

I stopped comparing myself to my peers. I even unfollowed some folks on Instagram and Facebook. Some may call it petty, but I call it self-care. And it works. You are under no obligation to do things that cause you harm. And feeling shitty about yourself is harmful.

Of course, ridding yourself of outside noise is only the first step. Once you’ve begun to feel better about yourself, you should continue to practice self-care in other ways, whether it be taking long and luxurious showers (my personal fave), spending time with friends a few times a month, working out, or going to a movie alone. You have to determine what self-care means to you, but before you can even begin to feel like taking care of yourself, you must first see begin to recognize your own greatness, your own power.

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What’s one thing that always makes you feel better about yourself? Sound off below!
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  1. Omg yes! Comparing yourself is the worst. I had enough of that growing up being compared to my sister. The minute, i could break free and do my own thing, i totally did.

    Keep your head up sis. From where i stand, you are way ahead of alot of folks. Perspective

  2. I totally get it Lisa. It’s hard not to compare oneself in this age of technology where everone put their best selves out there but I just remind myself of what the bible says that those that compare themselves to themselves are foolish. Don’t forget you are doing great compare to some.

  3. Lisa, thanks for this post. Wow, so ironic that I am reading this. I’ve been experiencing somethung like this. I really needed this and time to do a reality check as well as self care.

  4. What’s funny about the timing of this post is that my husband was saying the exact same thing to me the other day. I have had a big issue with self comparison and being a new blogger I’ve had my moments of wanting to give up. This post has really helped me. Thank you so much for being real and transparent!

  5. I could not agree more. Im feeling everythjng about this post. Its so in my lane of understanding who you are and wbere you are going in your most true fashion. Tunnel vision is most definitely the name of the game. Love the post! New sub

  6. I totally agree also. After turning 49 in Nov, it got me so hard. I have some decisions to make for self sake. All I’ve done for the last 12 years was work take care of mom, kids and my bills. Trying to move uoward in mobility was dead last. All the fake encouragement and and put downs. I kept going. No one will stop me from providing. Until 2015, I worked so much such long hours that I got sick. Then I pulled back. 2016, I got sick on my 49th Birthday, up to Feb 2017. The love for being a manager was not there anymore. It came with bullying and put downs like you wouldn’t believe. I tried to stay regardless of the treatment. I refuse to let anyone let me I am worthless. But This is what I was feeling already about myself. It was time I exposed me. I swear the pepole I work for and with didn’t make it easy to want more, they tried to break me. But I get it now…this piece was so on time.

  7. I preach this to myself all the time, and when your consistently telling yourself this but not hearing it from others its easy to fall into the trap of, not following your own advice and truth. So reading this definitely showed me that what I preach is correct and that it honestly does work to simply not worry about what “great” things other people are doing. I think its best to be inspired by what they do and look at it as a form of encouragement rather then a way to beat yourself up. I really like your writing style, this is the way I try to talk to my own readers on my blog, maybe you could check it out and let me know what you think!
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