#LetsDiscuss Folks are Going IN! Saying These Twin Babies Are Dressed “Too Grown” [PIC INSIDE]

Yes, you read that correctly. Folks (mostly women) are debating about the appropriateness of the attire of two teeny tiny little girls.

Many of the people commenting believe that these girls are dressed too provocatively. The women go on to suggest that if these children are the targets of pedophilia then how the children are dressed would explain why.

Here is the picture in question:

Here’s what folks have had to say:

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What are your thoughts?

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  1. Nothing wrong with their outfits. Very much age appropriate. Personally for me its the see through tights. I would have a skirt or shorts over them. I’m a underwear nazi. I can’t stand to see nbra straps, underwear and panty lines. Women havee EVERYTHING imaginable to wear underneath their clothes to be presentable. SN. Brown or deep beige undies NOT black should be worn under sheer white garments to create the “nude” look. LOL….told you I was an underwear nazi!

  2. I can understand everyone’s concern and I wish we would learn to address one another with more love.. but I cannot get with people justifying why young girls are molested. Because of how they are dressed? 🤦🏽‍♀️

  3. I thought the girls were gonna be in thongs or something. This is harmless and age appropriate to me. I can see undies through the white leggings though but that is also a no-no for adults so….. A tutu or just thicker leggings would have been perfect but I don’t think they bought the leggings to show of the girls’panties. People are sick!
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  4. The people who think it’s so wrong might as well be pedophiles, because youre clearly looking these babies shapes. Babies wear lil leggings everyday, B!!! People always tell somebody how to run their lives. Y’all don’t like it, send the mama new clothes for them or keep ya perverted responses to yaselves. Things like this are what messes with girls self image.


  6. I think the see through leggings are a problem. The shirts are also busting at the seams. They are babies! Trendy baby outfits sometimes go too far…

  7. Those stretch pants are unexceptable for grown women, let alone these babies. We talk about WOMEN that have on see through stretch pants with too small shirts. Their Mom should have realized that before taking pics. It’s not cute with the SMALL shirts. One of the babies buttons looks like they are going to break. The Momma dresses the same and that’s the UGLY TRUTH.

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