Got Thin Scraggly Brows? These Two Cheap A$$ Products Will Give You The Fleekiest Brows Ever

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I’m kind of obsessed with eyebrows. When I watch beauty vloggers on YouTube I literally can’t take them seriously if their eyebrows are a mess. Bear in mind, I know about effed up brows because I have had many effed up brow days in my life. Indeed you could probably pull up video evidence of my lapses in brow judgement, but that’s not why you’re here.

You are here because I’m about to drop some brow realness on you. I’m about to step your brow game up 10 notches, and you ain’t even ready. I mean, you’re about to be ready, but you ain’t ready for real for real. How could you be? You ain’t even know how badly your brows need these products, but I got you. We gon’ get you all the way together.

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If this is your first time here you should know that I did get my brows microbladed last year. I basically had eyebrow alopecia so I had to do something, and I loved it. You can read about it HERE. It’s been about a year since I got this done, so I’ve had significant fading. I’m back to filling them in more heavily until I can  get my touch-up later this month. By the way, I still don’t have to fill them in nearly as much as I had to prior to microblading, so for all inquiring minds: yes, it’s worth it. Do it.

These are the Two Items That Will Give You The Fleekiest Brows On The Planet



I’ve tried using my face primer, milk of magnesia, and eyeshadow primer on my brows prior to applying my brow product, and less than 2 hours later I end up with brows sliding off of my face. I have extremely oily skin, by the way.  And yes, I can get my brows to last longer when I use a brow gel or cream, but I find that my application is inconsistent when I use anything other than a pencil. I’m not a professional makeup artist, so this stuff right here, yo? EVERYTHING.   Just apply a little bit on your brows, wait 5 seconds, then fill them in using this:



Here’s why I love the colourpop brow pencil

  1. It’s $5. I’ve tried using the NYX pencils and gels,  as well as the Anastasia pencils and dip brow, and none of them can do what this little pencil can do.

  2. It’s super skinny, so it allows you to really go in shape your brows perfectly every single time.

  3. I’ve found that almost all mechanical brow pencils are too dry in formula. So dry, in fact, that they are constantly breaking. So I’m lucky to get 3 applications before I’ve used up the entire pencil.

  4. The color is perfect. I use the color Black n’ Brown, and it’s a perfect match for me, not the ashy brown I get from similar pencils.

That’s it, ladies. Go get these products then come back and call me a liar if you don’t have the fleekiest brows in your neighborhood.

Don’t ever say I never put you on!

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  1. Can I please know how you texturise your hair to look like that?? Or that’s how they naturally are? I’m a 4C

    1. This is a bantu knot out. I have hundreds of hair tutorials, both here on this blog and on my youtube channel. visit me at to check out my hair reviews. I’m not sure if we have the same texture, but i do have two videos showing how i do bantu knot outs on my hair.

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