Here’s Everything Tyrese Wants You To Know About His New Wife

Tyrese has been losing cool points for the last few years, and it’s mostly because he fancies himself some sort of Advice Guru. Indeed, Tyrese believes himself to be a knower of all the things, and by all the things I mean the things of or relating to women. When and how he came upon this wisdom is a secret only he can tell. Still, and in spite of the nebulous details regarding his qualifications, Tyrese uses his platform to preach his word all day everyday.

Lately, we unwilling congregants have had our fill of his patriarchical bullshit advice.   Our displeasure, however, seems to only fuel his already apparent disdain for black women.  Rather than take us on himself, Tyrese feels far more comfortable roping his wife into the fray.

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Here’s the latest:

I’ve been keeping tabs on Tyrese’s public musings (for entertainment purposes only, I assure you), and as a consequence I feel confident that I can deduce four things Tyrese wants you to know about his new wife, Samantha.

1.  They are good over there. While we’re big mad, they in the bed laughing and cuddling. It’s true. Tyrese wrote it about on his Instgram account. And if we aren’t convinced by Tyrese’s caption, all of his ranting regarding his wife’s racial identity, and other women’s weaves, titties, and plumped up booties should only serve to further illustrate just how happy these two newlyweds are.

2. She’s Not White. She’s his Black Queen. Yes, reports online report that she identifies as Latina, and has African American, Ecuadorian, Jamaican, and European Ancestry (read about it HERE). She also doesn’t possess the phenotype typically associated with being “Black,” but Tyrese doesn’t care. She’s a Black Queen, even if she says she’s not.

3.  She has a Master’s degree. On this one I have to agree with Tyrese. It actually blows my mind that a woman with a brain would choose him, too.  So yeah, hats off, Ty Ty.

4.  She’s happily married to a good man because she has real breasts, doesn’t wear lace fronts, and if she does wear a weave she knows how to properly hide her tracks.

Welp, there you have it, folks. All the things Tyrese wants to make sure we know and love about his new bride. She’s a lucky gal!


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  1. This so sad. If you’re happy and in love say just that don’t go on trying to discredit other black women. I too have a master’s degree and happily in love but I don’t throw it in people’s face. He should use his celebrity status for good not to disrespect his own people who are black and female like his mother. This just shows how he feels about himself not us.

  2. Who cares!!! He needs to stop with all the criticizing and explaining!! LIVE YOUR LIFE Tyrese and stop with all this foolishness…aren’t you a newlywed😳really you should have better things to do😡

  3. Tyrese, for real “baby boy” just wait, when your ‘Laeuroafrijamaboo’ gets pregnant, gets her little reese insurance policy…Grabs half you money and goes. Then you will be running to find a big butt, weave wearing, big lipped SISTA!!!! Just wait!!!!!

  4. Where is his mouth when so much badness n hurt,is going on to people that supported him.ppeople always show you who they really are.

  5. This is really sad that you getting married gives you a pass to degrade black wome… black woman are not trying to disguise themselves if who they are as a race of black women…. we are the most diverse woman on the planet we can look how we want to look… it’s not a need … it’s a gift to be able to be fashionable in many ways….we are beautiful inside out….maybe Tyrese is mad because we can look just as good as his new wife with our weave etc… no shade to her but really black women are not trying to trick any man to thinking what we wear on our body is not obvious that it is not real … however we wear it because we like it… God made the s to be diversed…. there is nothing wrong with us mixing it up…. and for the record other races of woman do the same… we all wear weave and have had things done to our bodies…so, for you Tyrese to focus on black woman say a lot about you… and your immatreness to accept your own race if women… you had to go outside of yours… to find a woman that was mixed and want to call her something she is not and do not accept being your black queen…. you are joke… and silly as hell… by the way I am a black queen with three degrees… I have a masters in psychology ✌🏽

  6. These big mistake. Have not learned anything be black. No cause your head is so far up societies ass you forgot were you came from. We as women are all pink inside. So you are just hating on your own race. Get you some serious business. And stay the hell out of out black race To the people it’s not his fault he is related to Trump.

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