Let’s Discuss: Video Surveillance Shows Girl WAS Stealing From The Asian-Owned Beauty Supply Store

Last week, many of us were enraged upon seeing the video of a Black woman being accused of theft and choked by an Asian Beauty Supply Store manager.

The original video can be seen here:

The store has since issued the full video surveillance which shows the woman in question stealing. Watch the video below:

I’ve re-watched this video a few times, and the more I watch it the more I lean towards understanding the store manager’s position. Was he unprofessional? Yes. Did he use excessive force? Yes. However, if I were in a similar situation where I confronted a thief and said thief proceeded to become violently combative I may have lost my cool, too.  This is hard because I so want to be on her side, fully, but I can’t ignore her own actions.

What do you think?

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  1. Her actions do not justify his. You do not throw someone on the ground and put them in a choke hold he could have killed her. He had every right to detain her it’s the way he went about it, when she started to fight he should have let her go and let the police handle it.

  2. She is a thief. The store owner has a right to protect his property. I don’t care if it was something that cost 50 cents. He should get his property by any means necessary. A thief is a thief. I don’t care what color or race she is. Take her down. I hope she got arrested

  3. She wouldn’t have this problem if she wasn’t up in there stealing. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but had she kept her klepto butt out of their store, we wouldn’t be discussing this.

  4. Cheryl, she hits him, he takes her down…it’s called self-defense.

    Lisa, how are you SOOOO sure that this wouldn’t happen to a white, thin girl?

    1. of course I’m not sure. He was excessive because she pissed him off by being a thief and combative. This one isn’t so cut and dry.

  5. First of all I work retail and we’re always told that you’re not supposed to put your hand on anybody and stop them from leaving because technically it’s not stealing until they leave the store , secondly people get killed over stuff like this I mean if it was a robbery because you’re so busy trying to protect the thift. I don’t think you should ever put your hands on anyone that stealing or anyone.

  6. As a former retail employee + bank employee, if somebody is stealing, you notify the authorities immediately. You don’t try and be a hero. They were both wrong with their actions.

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