UPDATE: The DNA Results are In. Is Tiffany Whyte Janet Jackson’s Long Lost Daughter?


So, just to catch you up. James Debarge, of the famed El Debarge, was briefly married to Janet Jackson in the early 80s. The marriage was annulled in 1985, and ever since then the man has been telling anyone who will listen about the supposed child they had and then gave up for adoption.

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I kind of believe him, by the way.

In any event, recently, a woman by the name of Tiffany Whyte conned her way into the life of James’ 80 year-old mother, claiming that she is James and Janet’s long lost daughter. You can read the full post HERE.

Tiffany alleged that she and Mama Debarge took a paternity test which revealed that they are indeed related.

“It is for sure that James and Janet are my parents…I want to know the truth.” she told Radar Online

Well Radar Online conducted their own test, and the results can be read HERE. In short? Ole girl is NOT related to James Debarge, and therefore we can assume the paternity test she claims she took with Mama Debarge was a big fat fraud. 

Smh…how long did she think she could keep this up?

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  1. Janet has to meet God like everyone else, what and who she is married too, can’t stop her. Personally I am sick of hearing about it. The ex told eyeryonevthat they had a child togethet, then we must accept what he has stated.

    1. So true no 1 can escape Gods watchful eye. Everyone talks about these allegations (Tiffany n James mom, their paternity test, James words, n now Radar’s test). In today’s time of technology anything can be doctored up 2 lk like anything. Granted Tiffany doesn’t look anything lk Janet o James. There r babies born everyday that don’t look lk their parents n have picked up traits from wayyyyy down the gene pool. Also anyone can go buy some curly hair like Janet’s ole doo 2 make them have a similar feature. This is definitely juicy, but if it’s meant 4 us 2 know then eventually the truth will come out; it always does 1 way o another. N I guess it non of our biz til it does. I wish both families Debarge’s n Jacksons the best. But if u all just throw away a child like yesterday trash when u all had the means 2 take care of it that’s really sad. I would believe more that the child is being cared 4 as a child of 1 of her siblings. There is the story go back n see if all the Jackson kids were born 2 the ppl who say they are their parents. God bless u all cuz this is a mess🙏🏽

  2. Who has been keeping I mean hiding her. The DNA might say that she’s jealous child but she looks nothing like neither one of the parents

  3. Ja Jackson, this is something to worry about. Now results are in I, bet it was a relief. But to Tiffany do not give up the search. I think that was a big step an for Mrs.jackson to women up with her x , or current spouses not my bi But that’s sweet of her to take time out. Just so you know she cares and that’s why I one of fans badly. I know that is a experience that Tiffany won’t forget nor ja. Jackson. Congrats on your son an know that you are a magnificent healer ,threw word’s, and lyrics. D.n .A do not lie thanks for clearing that up I was excited. For the record keep up the good music to my ears. MmD

  4. Really?!!!….I mean seriously…Go sit down somewhere…Go back to your day job!!!

    All the Jackson’s Nd Debarges are cute…she/he ain’t cute…Oh please spare me!!!

  5. She looks like she could be fantasia’s long lost sibling though. Maybe she needs to go know on that door rather. It’d be a little more realistic.

  6. I think they should test the girl Janet’s sister Rebae has raised. That girl looks just like janet when she was young. I remember when all this happened and she went missing for a while. If they want to find out the truth test her.

    1. I remember the same story,, she was is love ,,if there was a love child , some people can make up some sick story,too frame Janet but his family was insisting that there was a child given up for adoption in the late eighties there was an audition good times because she was missing in action we all Wonder Janet pregnant ,No but the stories and rumors continue I audition as a look alike and was almost kidnapped from an elementary school in the state of Florida so I know it’s all rumors and lies, there’s no way possible she could be Janets daughter, my father was a drummer back in the eighties, we know the families very well,, if they are her parents Janet Miss Jackson why haven’t she gotten a DNA test through Court to prove that she is who she says she is why lying you look like that you’re not even a look alike or a second cousin

  7. Well I believe this false accusation on this young lady part let me give her advice I have no malice against you . You need first to get a life and get a job and next get life in perspective because all this 15 minute of. Fame. Is not over. Please move on your. Are so. Tired and over there is no word for. Over. You also need to pray to God and ask for forgiveness and cleanse your soul. So. Janet made a mistake we all do so write this off as a bad breakfast and someone has paid for and you ate it so stop milking it for Hat is worth

  8. I think Janet Jackson know that her child she need to get know her daughter but Janet Jackson don’t want Every body in her business let pray for the family may God be with her and the Jackson family

  9. Everybody wants to be famous. Love if janet had a child it most likely nine out of ten don’t know they are adopted. And it’s been years. If this child is living why now try to claim you are hers cuz she’s happily married with a son. Leave that lady alone and let her be the mother she is now

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