Ladies, This Is What Usher Has to Say About Your Natural Hair

With all the talk about Jod I mean Tyrese’s raggedy behind talking so much nonsense about Black women I guess it’s nice to hear something positive about us from a celebrity.

Here’s what Usher thinks about our natural hair:

#Usher has a message for all the #TeamNaturalHair ladies 💕🙌 #OooLaLaBlog

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Here’s the kicker, though. Usher is married to Grace Miguel. Click Here to read all about her.



I’m not sure why he’s thinking about other women’s natural hair, but hey, it’s cool that he boasted about it. I guess?

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  1. I have six girls, whom all have been blessed/cursed with my hair. I say that because although I consider that we have “good hair”, without the help of chemicals like relaxers (which I don’t use in my hair anymore) it’s a job doing our hair. It’s thick, with an extremely tight curl pattern. I can do my hair today and as soon as a drop of water hits it, or the wrong weather, drop of sweat etc it snaps right back. I choose to wear wigs now, they’re convenient, stylish and for me cheaper than all the money I have spent over the years in products and beauty shops. I appreciate Ushet’s comments but for all the men like Tyrese who have something negative to say, unless they want to foot the bill for the maintenance and upkeep of MY HAIR they can kick rocks for all I care.

      1. Stupid comment. You African women need to love yourself and hair. Good for Usher, all African men should feel like him. There is nothing wrong with our hair prople. It is strong beautiful hair we have been syc by whites to hate anything African. I bet they have more complaints about thete weak, stringy hair than we do. They have to wash it every dsy. My grand daughtet white teacher told her this.

  2. For one, all these men women talking about natural are married to mixed or causian girls. If you look at there past exs I bet you can’t find a girl with thick Afro hair.
    Afro hair is hard to maintain depending on your texture if you don’t style it right, moisture etc you look like you came out of a war zone. Only men that have real experience with Afro hair and exs to prove it should talk.

    1. Our hair is no harder to manager than whites hair. You hypocrites make every excuse in the book to hate your African selves. If you are christian the Pope just spoke out saying it is best to ba an atheist than a hypocrites like most of these Africans who hate what the creator gave them. I am sure they are looked at as being hypocrites. If the creator wanted us to have straight hair we would have it, we were given the best skin too.

  3. I don’t care, I love my hair there’s no such thing as good hair, Mr Gibson married who he loved and I don’t think it was about her hair, hell we as Blacks just need to be ourselves love what GOD put on our heads, some times we do things to our hair and so do everyone else

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