#StruggleWIG: Somebody is Selling This Wig And The Comments On Social Media Will Leave You #DEAD

Y’all! I can’t even type this up without laughing! So the company that sells this is advertising it online HERE. Unfortunately, when I clicked on the link for the actual wig, I came upon a landing page for all of their wigs. I tried to locate this specific wig, but no dice.


Still, Dress Lily hasn’t moderated any of the comments on the post, and they are internet Gold. Here are a few gems:

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Read the rest of the comments here:

Incidentally, I grabbed a few screenshots of the other wigs they are selling, and y’all. They DO. NOT. CARE. Take a look:

That’s all, folks! Feel free to comment below. We all need the laughter

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  1. It makes me ask why do us black women have a lower standard of what looks good for false hair than we do for our own hair? For some women as long as it is a wig or weave they are convinced it looks good no matter what it looks like, so long as it is not the hair on their scalp. The amount of time I’ve seen women wearing things that look either dubious to ridiculous and thought to mysel. ‘Surely what God has given them couldn’t look as bad as that?!’.

    1. Beauty has become an illusion instead of an acceptance, a freedom, a state of mind…
      Beauty has always been something fleeting (that’s what makes it so precious) but it used to embrace nature; compliment what god gave us, celebrate ourselves..
      Now it’s all a deceptive appearance.

  2. What’s so amazing is, this looks like the junk they have on their heads. Wig or weave, it’s still a hot mess.

  3. If you want to look like you just woke up from a one night stand and late for Church and you singing lead in the choir then…

  4. I would wear the All my life wig before any other one of those . What they think because they are selling them dirt cheap that they can look any kind of way !!!!!! 😜😝🤔

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