“I Don’t Identify As African American, I Identify As Black” Rachel Dolezal Is Still Talking + Says Her Parents “Outed” Her To Protect Their Child Molester Son

Rachel Dolezal is still talking, and the more she talks, the more I want to listen. I know. I hate myself for it, but I can’t quite figure out her level of crazy, so I can’t turn away. I am in awe of her, honestly. Truly.


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Why is she like this?

Oh, and she still totally believes she is black. She also just released a memoir (you can buy it or read the hilarious reviews HERE), and I actually kinda sorta want to read it. I know.  But, even if the entire thing is a work of fiction it’s bound to be good. Right? Maybe?

I’ve not read the book, but apparently at one point she goes into great detail about being molested by her brother, and touched inappropriately by her father. According to USA Today, in the book, Rachel reveals:

Her father and brother walked around nude “whenever they pleased.” When talking about her father’s daily appearance, she says “his penis … I saw it a lot.”

Her brother, she says, also molested her as a child, and then went on to molest her adopted sister. In the video you’re about to see, Rachel alleges that that her parents outed her as a fraud because they wanted to interfere with the molestation case against her brother. The case was ultimately dropped. She also goes on to describe being made to eat her own vomit, and being beaten. It’s all really hard to digest, even though it’s coming from a woman who dresses in costume yet wants us to believe it’s not a costume.  Have you ever seen anything like this?

Hear more from Rachel here:

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  1. When I saw her on British television I was vexed that she was being given air time to promote her book. I could barely resist the urge to say some very unladylike things when the pretender spoke of wanting to be black since she was a child and covering herself with mud! Then they wheeled out Kaitlyn Jenner to aid her in her trans-racial claims.

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