Black Men Cape For French Montana After He Calls a Black Woman “A Nappy, Dusty A$$ Hoe”

Last night, mediocre AF rapper, French Montana, “clapped back” at a girl for tweeting about his lack of relevance.

Here’s her tweet:

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Here’s her picture:

The Moroccan born rapper responded to the black woman by calling her crusty, musty and nappy. After a few other unnecessary insults he then hit her with “Be Humble”.

The crazy part is that the girl never actually mentioned the rapper by using his twitter handle which means the “man” was sitting somewhere searching his own name on twitter.

Black Twitter, of course, was swift in the dragging of Montana. Take a look:

Not suprisingly, there were many, mainly black men, who defended or justified his attack and choice of words.

One man even suggested that because he is Muslim he couldn’t possibly be racist but that he was just responding to disrespect.


French even Retweeted some of his supporters, one of them was a black woman.

French Montana has been linked to women like Khloe Kardashian, and now Iggy Azalea, two white women known for going under the knife to look more like black women, so we’re not exactly surprised that he would issue an insult aimed at the poster’s blackness.

French Montana later offered a grammatically questionable apology via twitter:

That’s all folks. As usual, share your thoughts below!

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  1. He’s disrespectful period. A pretend tough guy with thin skin. Sad guy. Just sad. He may not have liked what she said, however this shows his level of respect for women. NONE.

  2. You can never answer disrespect with disrespect and then expect the people to respect you. @frenchmontana saw a line and he crossed it, willfully. This was no accidental offence (not affence).
    Art is subjective. Can you imagine Mozart making a silly-ass response like this when folks complained about his compositions? Artists who are truly talented walk away wondering what can be done to win this critic over to their way of seeing or hearing a rendition. @frenchmontana, it is time for you to grow up. Maybe you need to quit pretending to be an artist if you can’t taken criticism.

  3. Do you see the amount of grammatical errors in his apology? Enough said! I think he showed who’s really ignorant!

  4. Yall going in on this man cause of what was said to this young lady what about everything thats going on in the world but this shit yall so passionate about gotta pick your battles more wisely..then bring his mom into it smh that shit right there crossed the line with me…im done

  5. Unfortunately the publishing of his comments gave him relevance, however brief.
    He is a non-factor, let us let him remain so by allowing this (and likewise) to wither on the roadside.

    And if he should (again) search himself & find this; allow me to save him and his acolytes some time
    Nappy? PROUDLY SO
    Musty? Dusty?
    Faux Negro, please….

  6. The males attacking this young lady so harshly and unnecessarily reveal themselves to be boys and not men. #growup #thinskin

  7. Black people kill me.they can say what ever they want about you but you better not call them out of their name.His comment wasn’t generalized to all black women but if she got into it with some one in the streets and he was a darker black ,we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

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