Real or Nah? This Five-Year-Old Has Been Diagnosed With Uncombable Hair Syndrome

Five-year old  Lyla-Grace Barlow has a condition called Uncombable Hair Syndrome. Yes, you read that correctly. Her hair is uncombable. According to Wikipedia the condition is caused by a mutated gene which creates abnormal heart-shaped hair follicles instead of round ones.

Lyla’s parents, Alex and Mark Barlow, have tried countless hair products and spent hours trying to drag a comb through her hair.

Lyla’s Mother told The Sun

“When Lyla was little it used to stand up like Sonic the Hedgehog, like a little white afro.”




It is said that Albert Einstein also had the condition. and that’s why his hair always looks so unruly.

The condition is said to affect just 100 people worldwide. Well, it seems as though being “tender headed” is officially medically a thing. Folks on social media, however, aren’t quite buying it. See below:



What say you? Real or Nah?

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