“Too F**kin Black!” This Model Was Told She’d Look Better With Lighter Skin. Here’s How She Responded. #BlackGirlMagic

19-year-old aspiring model and college student, Mimi Mbah of dopelike_mimi,  issued a much-deserved clapback when an internet troll threw some shade (no pun intended) about her dark skin.

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A Twitter account @_AFRICANS_, shared Mimi Mbah’s photos last month, and a twitter user wasn’t feeling her complexion.

Here’s what he tweeted:

And here was Mimi’s response:

Boom. Just like that.

But the comments didn’t end with that one user. Even today, she continues to receive negative comments, many of them from black men:


And here are a few more:

Mimi told Buzzfeed that the comments are:

“just really said, but…overall I want all my dark skin girls to know that we are chocolate goddesses no matter what anyone says”

Share your thoughts below!

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  1. I absolutely love (prefer) Dark skinned since I was like 5 years old. My God mother was the first and most beautiful dark person I had ever seen. Ever since then “black” skin has been my preference!! You go queen your beautiful and unique!!

  2. Any black man or woman who says she would look better if her skin was lighter, and has anything derogatory to say about her amazing hair, is obviously dealing with a level of self hate that will require a lifetime of psychological attention and deprogramming.

    1. Well said…self hate is so embroidered in our mental that is said….But the same nay sayers better take a look at themselves and realize who they are and from who they came….praying that one day we will be free from the mental slavery but first we must acknowledge it…

  3. Any black man or woman who says she would look better if her skin was lighter, and has anything derogatory to say about her amazing hair, is obviously dealing with a level of self hate that will require a lifetime of psychological attention and deprogramming.

  4. Wow can’t believe the racist comments, black men so color struck!!!! The white man and their racism and slavery has accomplished just what it set out to do, get us to hate ourselves!!!!!!!!! What a shame, as they sit back and watch us devour our selves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Malcolm X and Martin Luther King would be disgusted!!!

  5. That is ridiculous! She is a pretty black woman. To me the darker your skin tone is the prettier you are. We are all unique in our own way! Don’t you think if we all looked alike it would be boring?? Be proud in your Blackness know matter what who says what!!!

  6. You know what y’all have problems with yourself because this woman is absolutely beautiful so What her skin isn’t light, black is beautiful. Embrace your beauty my black beautiful queen the hell with these foolish people’s . People are paying for darker skin, fuller lips and big butts, it’s a black thang , we been had that and didn’t have to pay for it

  7. These comments are so ignorant and disgusting. They sadden me. It just goes to show how indoctrinated so many people are. God forgive me I’m not sure I even have it in me to feel pity for those poor unfortuates. Too blinkered, too,stupid, too enslaved to the perceived European ideals of ‘atractiveness’ to see the beauty of melanin and the glory of natural hair.

  8. So really what are they saying about? themselves? When they are talking beautiful velvet darkness in negative terms it is truly self hate. Self hate helps no one. Where does this come from? wider society in the form of media which put whiteness on a pedestal. Its takes a strong black man encompass true love for himself so that he does not despise blackness of any hue no matter who he is with. That man will uplift blackness even if it means standing alone against the tide battling black womanhood. There are only 3 ways.

    1. you fight racism in all forms. no excuses. you don’t put black women down
    2. you sit on the fence, all excuses. “the sisters not fair enough” “i didn’t see” “It does not exist”
    3. your a racist. needs no further comment.

  9. First I’m medium skin tone and depending on how much sun I get or don’t get it go from lighter to darker I also have been rocking my natural hair because it’s healthier for my hair than all the harsh chemicals to make it socially correct. And I have received more live for me skin and hair from my white colleges then my black/Brown brethren we need to stop hating each other for the % of Melen in our skin

  10. The comment about black skin being the least desirable skin tone is nonsense. What that person actually means is that Eurpeans decided that black skin is the least desirable according to their racist ideology of white supremacy that they invented to keep us enslaved for four hundred years. If it was the least desirable according to god then why did he create black people, brown people and Asian people. Its all nonsense and it annoys me the way that white people impose their options and beauty standard and inform them as absolute fact that we are all suppose to adhere to and agree with because their option is supposedly superior to every other race due to the power structure across the world. When in actual fact their are plenty of examples of stunning dark skinned black woman who are adored in Africa and throughout the African Diaspora and who have endless admires. I am one of them. So put that in pipe and smoke it. Your opinions are not fact or the gospel at all. Your opinion is not superior to mine or any other race.

  11. This young woman is a beautiful black queen. Continue to ignore the haters. Continue to shine bright like the diamond that you are! Much success to you with your modeling career. Your skin tone, your natural hair, absolutely GORGEOUS!

  12. I’m an dark skin woman. I don’t give a f@$ck white or so called light brown peoole, that hate on dark skin. That’s there problem. What we supposed be ashame of our dark skin and hide?… Yeah right smdh.

  13. I love her black, dark chocolate, luscious skin tone…what melanin she beholds…she’s a true Goddess, equipped with everything powerful and rich from mother nature. She loves her skin and don’t want to be lighter…because she has all the power!

  14. Keep being you. There will come a time when only melinated people will be on the planet. Then we will be back to where we started. You are beautiful in your skin.

  15. What do you look like while have the nerve and audacity to say what is considered beautiful she is beautiful get your life

  16. To those who think she is too dark and need to lighten up to be beautiful, ypur ignorant!!! It has been proven over time that other races have been imitating our black queens for hundreds of years! They tan themselves to the point of developing skin cancer to have our dark skin. They inject poison in their lips so they can be big and full like ours! They invented corsets and would nearly break their backs to have them as tight as they could. Why? Because it made them look like they had huge breast and buts because they figured out that’s what their husbands and other white men truly desired! You want her to change who God created her to be so you can continue to be blinded by true beauty.

  17. She is absolutely beautifull!!!
    WTF is wrong with you people????
    There is nothing sexier, or more beautiful than someone who is not afraid to be ‘them’!
    The hair…the skin…the smile…simply incredible!!!
    Mimi, you got it going on, girl!!!

  18. I am a black woman and I love our different shades of skin we come in. We are all beautiful and she is too. Her hair is lovely. You rock dark girl. You represent us well.

  19. She’s a beautiful woman with beautiful dark skin. It’s sad these men only see the color of her skin. They sound racist.

  20. Reading those ignorant comments has given me a pain over my left eyebrow, she would be fire if she was lighter? Smh! Why should she change what God has already made devine? Their small minds just can’t comprehend such beauty, continue standing tall and firm my sista

  21. I don’t understand the negativity of skin color. You’re beautiful just the way you are and I would love to attempt an airbrush portrait of you. I’m not overly accurate with portrait work but I would to try one of you. As long as your inside beauty matches your outside beauty, you’re beautiful just as you are!

  22. This young lady is absolutely stunning! Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Be proud of everything you are! Your beauty inside and out, and ignore the negativity. It’s only you that can progress and go forward in your life. Don’t let those with hate in their hearts fill you with doubt. Especially a man!!! ❤️

  23. The black males who choose to attempt to disrespect this beautiful black woman are the lowest forms of so-called black manhood. It is 2017. No more excuses Black America! When are we going to release and reject the internal self-hatred from external sources. You are gorgeous and a great representation of all black women. Rock on!!!

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